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Yet another first

Its been quite a while since i visited my own blog! Mostly that could be attributed to me quitting my job and leaving Bangalore to go back to school. Yes! Even after my disastrous interview, I managed to get into IIM Lucknow. Many thanks to everyone who wished me luck. So yet another new city and new people in my life. I do intend and hope to keep this blog alive. But for now, here is something that i had written for one of the newsletter’s on campus.

The very first time I walked into the hallowed portals of IIML, I was overpowered by a sense of achievement, a heady feeling of smug satisfaction that I had arrived. As I took in the sights of the campus – the statues, hostels, mess, academic block, everything smelt warm and beckoning. I knew I was at the right place.

The first few days after joining passed away like a daze with inductions, and the various ‘activities’ that the senior batch had planned (schemed?) for us. Added to that, meeting 300 odd new people and trying to remember their names was in itself quite a trying task.

After the initial hoax, I quickly realized that they don’t call this place ‘IIM helL’ for no reason. As the assignments, quizzes and projects began to start in true earnest, I learnt the most important asset that we PGP1 have are the seniors. Information is of the greatest essence; you either have it or you don’t. You also learnt to work smart and manage time. A few more weeks into life at IIM’s and I was already working smarter than I had ever done before.

Speaking of time management, the one thing that everyone on campus has a constant eye on is their watch (not the girls)! Never before has 1 minute mattered more in my life. When coming 30 seconds late to class means you don’t get attendance, there is new found respect for time.

But even with all the smart working, the workload never ceases and keeps on piling. Just then when we almost thought it was all an uphill climb all along, we had the “Insti party” – at the end of which I was literally screaming ‘I love this place’! Somehow you find solace in the fact that everyone is subjected to the same pressures and in a way you learn to enjoy the stress.

Another week later I found out that life at IIML doesn’t just constitute of only the campus. The city of Lucknow is a whole different place compared to the campus. It was on my first trip to Hazratganj that I discovered the chaos that the traffic of Lucknow is. But with all the madness somehow everyone manages to get through. The method in the madness is bewildering.

Now when I joined IIML, everyone kept saying how I’ll stand out because I would carry the brand of IIM. I never understood what that meant until at one of the malls here, I spotted a bunch of pretty girls ogling at the guys wearing the IIM Lucknow T-Shirts! That’s precisely when I realized the practical usefulness of the IIM brand 😉

Now as I look back upon the last one month of my stay here, I am sure I have changed much more in one month here than ever. I’ve grown more responsible and mature because I realize I am the future of my country. I am IIM Lucknow.

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In their views

I read somewhere that an interview is where two people lie to each other about what they have to offer. I would say that’s pretty close to the truth. But then lying doesn’t come easily to many people and that is why interviews are certainly very stressful to us. The easiest interviews are definitely the ones in which the interviewer smiles and welcomes you. A reassuring smile in the midst of anxiety is one of the most uplifting gestures.

I remember one of the rounds of interview with my current employer where the interviewer got scared on seeing my fingers shaking. Now i’ve got this strange condition where my fingers tremble a little when i suspend them freely. No it is not weird and normally is not very pronounced. But with all the ambient stress around in an interview that trembling often gets magnified and this particular interviewer was afraid that he had totally psyched me out even before the interview! He was like ‘Dude, stop shaking! Its only an interview!’. Of course i did explain things and everything went smoothly after that to the point that the interviewer became really friendly. In-fact so friendly that he even told me during the course of the interview that he had previously worked for a lingerie company before moving to this bank. Instantly i was like ‘dude.. that’s murder! Thats definitely the worst decision anyone has ever made. How does anyone even considering leaving a company where you would get paid for ogling at huge posters of super models in lingerie and then call it insight generation!! And then to add to injury how do you move to a bank – a place where you see money moving all around you but never can lay your hands on any!’ This guy is my big boss now so i shall not say further.

Now coming to the point of this post – which is definitely not to educate anyone on how to go about an interview. You could learn the do-not’s of giving an interview but then you must read this very intently in that case. Over the period of my life i have given many interviews and even had the misfortune of judging people from the other side of the desk a few times. Having worked in 3 companies, almost all of these exclusively were job interviews. But a few days back there was this other kind of interview i had to undergo – an admission interview for getting into those damn IIM’s.

The venue was some hotel in Bangalore and i reached there well in time dressed up in formals. However the tie which i had borrowed had been discarded to my bag because of a general lack of confidence that i could carry off a tie. I was already jittery because in the last interview i had forgotten to get a photo and screwed the interview in general so i could not afford to screw up anymore. As soon as i entered the waiting room and glanced around i noticed that half the people were dressed in suits and the other half had at least ties. I was the only one without even a tie and that was the trigger for the panic to set in. After a few minutes of brainstorming with myself about the futility of the tie, i decided it wasn’t worth the ordeal so i just gave up on the tie.

Someone called me in for my interview and in i went. It started well and 15 minutes into it i was giving out liberal doses of gyan on Analytics, CRM, Marketing and all those buzz words. I was even debating the difference between consumers and customers with the best marketing professors in the country. It was growing better and better till the point where i was actually cracking jokes with the interviewers. To their question of ‘what will you be doing after 40 years?’ i replied tongue in cheek, ‘Hopefully be alive!’. In fact any kind of self depreciating joke is quite funny but joking about your death is not quite there.

At this point of time one of the interviewers asked me to give them the second completed form. Now that came as a surprise because i was under the impression that i wasn’t needed to fill the 2nd form. When i told him i didn’t fill it because i assumed that i wasn’t supposed to fill the form. The guy actually picked up the instruction page and showed me the line where it said – Please fill in both the forms. I believe i almost let out a ‘ooho’ sigh and then i heard a swooshing sound as luck and opportunity deserted me instantly. The problem with reaching atmospheric levels is that when you fall, you fall a really long way down and it hurts like hell all through the fall.

During the next 5 minutes the guys ripped me apart for being irresponsible, careless, not interested and even hopeless. The expressions on my face changed from a beaming 🙂 to a hmmm 😐 to a oopsie 😳 to a depressed 😦 to an anguished 😥

That was how my last interview went and everyone can learn a few things out of this. So folks the next time you go to an interview fill all the forms and in case you forgot to fill a form, apologize and don’t claim that you assumed things. Its a valuable lesson which i was taught all through school and college but which i learned the hard way out now.

If you notice an extra sprinkling of ‘dude’ in this post its probably because i’ve been watching ‘The Big Lebowski‘ too many times lately. Thanks Yogi for forcing me to see it. The dude abides.

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Jeers to life!

The reason we screw up so often is because its so ridiculously easy!!

Please hold onto that thought while you read this post. And so yet another year has passed by and left too many memories behind. Some of them as always will fade into the distant by-lanes of memory to be invoked by sporadic bouts of nostalgia and then there are some that we will definitely remember vividly for quite sometime. Ones that we shall regale to our next generations at every dinner conversation in the future. On the personal front i’ll mark this year as when i moved to Bangalore and in the process made loads of new friends and explored a very exciting city. Also watched India’s truly biggest concert to date -the Iron Maiden gig. And lots of smaller materialistic things like buying a car at home and then some more personal ones.

But then, as always, around the 31st of December we wish to ring in the new year in loads of celebrations and in cheer. Most people go to parties, pubs and resorts and dance away but then what’s so special about doing something which everyone else does? And that is the question i’ve been trying to answer for the last 2 new years eves. It is in this very quest, this single minded pursuit, of a new year experience that i’ve managed to beat and surpass my wildest expectations year after year. Last year I planned to spend 31st night among the tigers(duh…not the beer) in Ranthambore but instead ended up at some god forsaken ‘Apani Dhani’ on the outskirts of Udaipur listening to some jackass singing god only knows what songs in chaste Rajasthani! If you are interested, the whole trip is well documented on Chandu’s blog. After that fiasco i was pretty sure that i would definitely do better this time but then i was in for a huge surprise this time around.

A few friends from college(jaya,nippo,tarun,malik,barbie,kaka) had decided the best way to ring in the new year was in Pondicherry and most likely in a lot of booze. So even though i had been there twice before off i set out to Pondi to spend an awesome new years eve. Now Pondi holds special memories for me because it was here about 2 years ago that i had actually tasted booze – an appreciable quantity – for the first time in my life. I had this stupid(in hindsight) rule of mine to only drink with my own money. So all through college i abstained because i somehow wasn’t comfortable with the idea of spending dad’s money on booze. But as soon as my paycheck landed in my account all the vices were conveniently embraced. We hired a cab and off we went to Pondi one fine day. We drank for lunch, drank during the evening, drank for dinner and then i don’t exactly remember how i got back to Chennai. I was told by Jaya and Utkarsh that i just slept blissfully while we cruised back on the East Coast Road(ECR).

So with such fine memories, i was sure that i wouldn’t be disappointed this time around. We started off for Pondi – about 300kms from Bangalore – on the 29th of December and after due dilly dallying we got there around 9pm. As expected/intended most of the time there was spent at the beaches or in drinking or in drinking at the beaches! We also managed to run into Arjun Singh – the HRD Minister at the Auro Beach. While most of us had a good mind to go thwack him for his largely controversial policies on reservations but then he looked so old and so near death that it would have been a wasted effort. We also managed to run into a large group of juniors(freaky,trappy etc) from IIIT which proves that either the world has become a small place or that Pondi is a really small place.

Let me cut a long story short and just get to the big occasion – the night of the 31st for which we had heaved ourselves all the way from Bangalore. We originally planned to hit some local pub/hotel where there was some new year party going on but then either they were too shady or too full. So we ended up checking out many parties without actually getting into any. Around 10:30, we had grown so frustrated that we had enough of doing nothing. We picked up booze and decided to eat somewhere and then just head back to the hotel. Jaya managed to find and get tickets to an amazing buffet where there was a ‘New Year Party’ going on. As we entered the place we were greeted by not the general carnal music but by carnatic music! Next surprise was that there was only vegetarian food on offer. Okay… i should have expected that given that they were playing carnatic music at a new year party. But to add insult to the flaming wound, i had to literally fight with the staff for the leftovers. Seems the awesome ‘New Year’ party was only till 11pm and the staff were allowed to raid the buffet at 10:45pm itself! By the time we were getting out there were the staff’s kids singing nursery rhymes on the microphone! And the whole place was completely empty by 11pm. Makes me wonder why they called it a new year party in the first place! Now that we had filled our stomachs, we had very little appetite for more disappointment or shocks.

But it seemed our titanic evening had only hit the tip of the iceberg of surprise. On the way back to the hotel, the driver managed to get us lost and somehow we ended up crossing into TamilNadu only to be randomly stopped by the Tamil police at the checkpost. Unfortunately we had a whole lot of booze in the car and that amounted to smuggling booze from Pondicherry into TamilNadu. At the maximum, we should have been just fined but the cops instead chose to relieve us of our booze and let us go. So there we were… on the eve of new years – deprived of all our booze and at a police station! And then while some of us went to pick up backup booze, the others had a puncture and also witnessed an accident as well. Didn’t i tell you that we would surpass all expectations?

In the very end we did manage to procure some booze in the city and also managed to retrieve a bottle from the police thanks to Jaya and Barbie’s senti. So it all worked out well in the end. The upside of it all is that we all have a great story to tell! Back in Bangalore, everyone i know was like ‘i went to this awesome beach party’ or ‘i went to this resort and danced the night away’ but the moment i say ‘i was at the police station on the eve of new years’… its no longer a contest.

pssst: i really don’t drink much but nevertheless my new year resolution is to drink less 😛

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Making the move

Someone wise once said, ‘you can only put 6 bullets in a revolver’. Obviously our 70’s heroes hadn’t heard this line or were using very advanced revolvers. But the folks at my office were the aware kind. Once they realized that employees were getting uncomfortably close to each other because of lack of space, they decided to move us to a larger office. After months and months of deliberation which is pretty quick by large companies standards(it does have 312K employees), the decision was made to move us Analytics folks to the end of Bangalore. Its a different matter all together that by the time we finally moved last weekend, Bangalore had expanded and the Outer Ring Road is now very much a part of the city!

So we packed our desks and said goodbyes to the all the colorful friends in the call centre and moved. The huge downside of the move is that now i can no longer gloat about the phenomenal sex ratio at the office. Earlier when the M$ and Oracle folks boasted of all the goodies they get at work and my Yahoo roommate talks about their foosball table, all i used to say was ‘sex ratio’ and they would gracefully accept defeat. But in one swoosh the sex ratio at my office dropped from “a few thousand ladies : a few hundred guys” to “a handful of ladies : a few hundred guys“!! So now i no longer discuss work with friends!

But then the upside of it all is that i now no longer have to cross the dreaded SilkBoard junction and i don’t need to wrestle through Bannerghatta Road’s traffic. I now literally fly on the Outer Ring Road and my commute time is a measly 10 minutes! Never did i think that 8kms can be done in 10 minutes in Bangalore! I do encounter a different kind of rush everyday… the ‘what a rush’ kind 🙂

And yes. I am one of those who have to say “E4” when people at my table at lunch say ‘lets make a move’!

Psst : The Scorpions are playing in Bangalore on the 16th of December! The usual Palace Grounds. You can buy tickets on BookMyShow!! Winds of Change…. here i come!

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Opening minds

Are you open-minded?

A few days back, i would have answered a very emphatic yes. Only that now i don’t feel that i would be truthful to myself if i said yes. I would like to believe that i am open-minded but then this is a very subjective measure.

A few days back, a really really close friend of mine confided his love story in me. He believes that his girlfriend was the one for him and he could never find someone more compatible. The only glitch was that he is a Hindu while the girl is a Muslim. Now that’s not very revolutionary but personally I’ve never seen anyone close to me marry outside the caste.. forget religion. His parents are totally against the very idea and are not even willing to discuss the whole issue. I can see that they are being practical because there are a lot of repercussions to breaking established norms. But then aren’t some things worth fighting for?

Understandably my friend was very agitated and was even considering eloping with his girl. Now i was quick to point out that his parents are not very open-minded. But then when I took time out and calmly thought about it from their point of view, I realized that this is a giant deal for them. You could be all romantic and idealistic about it but at the end of the day you are only pretending to ignore the huge elephant in the room.

You might be open-minded but then there is always a boundary to your open-mindedness. A limit exists somewhere and you are only as open-minded as the radii of that circle of belief. Personally speaking, i’ll throw up at the very thought of eating live animals but then a lot of Chinese eat live squids. Not really the hard hitting kind of example? Ok just imagine if your kid came to you a few years down the line and says he wants to marry his lover. Just that his lover is a male. Now how open-minded are you? Makes me squirm because I don’t find myself all that open-minded now. Maybe that’s exactly how it makes my friends parents feel! I guess we just need to continually keep widening that circle.

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Paid vacations are probably the best part about working. The philosophical overtone in that sentence could be attributed to the fact that its the fag end of my two week long vacation, and i am much more wiser than i was 10 days back. In the meantime i’ve made some startling discoveries and much unlearning has been done.

The train journey from Bangalore to Trivandrum taught me some valuable lessons none lesser than the value of listening to your heart. There was this British couple from Bristol who boarded my train at Cochin. Being my inquisitive self, i interrogated them for a couple of hours and they patiently answered all my queries because jolly good sports they were. We discussed everything from the most trivial of things like the impact of eco tourism on India’s GDP to the most crucial topics like the future of Lewis Hamilton. I must admit that i was rather taken aback by their in-depth knowledge of India’s history and some of its little known cultures. These two people might have been well informed(both were doctors) but then they also told me that many of their Briton friends already perceive India as a super power and as one of the future world leaders. Well at least we are no longer all elephants and snake charmers 🙂

Back to the listening to your heart lesson, these two had been to the usual Agra and Delhi tour but then after that they decided to not plan their travel and instead backpack their way across India. Since then they had been to Dharmshala, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Jaipur and were now on their way to the beaches of Varkala and the backwaters of Veli! I say that sounded quite adventurous and totally fun and more so because i’ve been to these places too! So i decided to listen to my heart on this vacation and not be all analytical for a change.

The catch here was that my heart said sleep! And sleep i did like there was no tomorrow. In fact the first week went by with me doing just sleeping and using Facebook! Now i’ve been using Orkut for almost four years and after the initial honeymoon period Orkut has been more of a burden to bear. Its not just the bad server and donuts part but there is simply nothing worthwhile to do on Orkut. On the other hand Facebook with all its cool applications promises to be a welcome change. A word of caution though – if you use Facebook, don’t ever start the Never Ending Movie Quiz on the Flixter Movies application. It never ends(duh) and will kill all of your time!

Anyway after 1 week of pure unadulterated nothingness, i decided enough void had been created and it was time to do some fun activity. So i cajoled Amma(mom) and Achchan(dad) to join me on a quick trip to watch the sunrise at Kanyakumari. Now Kanyakumari was only 90 kms from my home and i estimated that it would take me about 2 hours to drive down. So the plan was to get going by 4.00 so as to catch the sunrise at 6.15. Unfortunately Amma is worse at procrastination(i am only her son) than me and by the time she got ready it was already 5.00 So we had to shelve all plans of watching the sunrise. We finally manage to reach Kanyakumari by 7.30 and were greeted by this fantastic sight.

The sea at Kanyakumari

As you might know Kanyakumari is where the Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea meet the Indian Ocean. If you look closely at the picture you can notice the color of the sea change from shades of green to one of blue as you look at the horizon. I am not sure which color is which sea but nevertheless thats the confluence and its a grand sight.

Then there are the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the giant Thiruvalluvar Statue to check out as well. The view of the ocean from both these points are spectacular and you could spend all day gazing at the vast expanse of the ocean and wondering how inconspicuous we were in its presence.

Once we had done that we decided to also make a quick visit to the Vattakottai Fort(Circular Fort) and the beach there as well. The Fort in itself is not much to write home about but the view of the ocean from its vantage position is certainly a sight to behold. The sea out here looked quite shallow and had a beautiful turquoise tinge to it. Its like one of those quaint little beaches which have not yet been touched by man. We also saw a wind farm out here and this was the first time i had personally seen one.

Kanyakumari was one of those few places where you could watch the sunrise as well as the sunset. But since we had locked Angie(our dog) in, we had to go back before evening to go check on her and hence skipped staying back for the sunset. But all in all, sunrise or no sunrise, it was a good trip.

After ages i was able to spend some fun time with Amma and Achchan. On the way back we had lunch at a restaurant and i realized it was the first time in over 8 or 9 years that i was eating out with my parents. Considering that i have been eating out everyday for the past 2.5 years thats quite a revelation to me! Well i also paid the bill and that was another first too! Most times when i go home all i do is get pampered and get treated like a kid but this time i felt all grown up. Must be the coming of age thing. Time i went looking for that fountain of youth.

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Change Agents

She was lucky to have barely made it across the crossing before the train did. It was always a touch and go ever since the early morning showers had lashed out and kept her waiting at the doorstep. But she wouldn’t be late today.

Just as on any other day, the train pulls into the Irinjalukada station. She braved the crowd to board the train and hopefully to get a seat. On most days a seat would have been a rather tough ask but today luck was in her favor. There were a couple of seats to be had and that too by the window sill. She even thought of probably saving one for her friend who boarded from Angamali. But then holding onto a seat for a couple of stations was being rather rude to those standing and she had personally abused such people in the past. Just then, a middle aged lady came running along to occupy the last of the empty seats and she was glad that someone like her had got the seat opposite. She could now easily strike up a conversation.

The train chugs along and she is on her way again. On her way to yet another day at work. To yet another day of being a role model to hundreds of children. Though she never wanted to be a teacher, yet for 12 years she had been one. And still she continues to hold the future of many young ones in her hand. The responsibility is enormous and yet she is only a human.. only one among a few hundred who catch the 8:45 express to make it to the workplace at 10.

Presently the guy selling the lottery tickets comes along. She gives him a faint smile as she thrusts a fiver into his hand. It was her daily ritual, one she could not forsake – come what may. The 10,00,000 rupee prize would have been more than enough to alleviate her from the daily grind. But then it wasn’t the prize but the hope of winning the lottery that got her through the grind everyday. It numbed the pain of the whole journey. Hope is a drug… its hard to get off it.

The train picks up speed as she looks out the window. The world outside had changed she remarks. Lifestyles have changed, people have changed. Everything has changed she tells the lady opposite her who remorsefully agrees. Life was much more simpler back then, much more hassle free she reminisces. Now people don’t have time to even say hello. Banal as they might seem, a simple greeting brings about a smile on many a face. Suddenly she remembers that she is not powerless. She must remind her class to greet people whenever they run into them. Suddenly there is a small smug expression on her face. She realizes that along with the heavy responsibility, she also wields enormous power. She is a change agent.

The narration is mine but the story is someone else’s. Someone who sat beside me for a few hours on a train.

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Eureka Eureka! 

Wait!! Come back… i am not running around naked like Archimedes! Its just that i’ve figured out what life is all about! And the answer to that is –

*drumroll begin* Finding answers to questions! *trumpets wimp out*

You should not be nonchalantly dismissing that finding of mine because it is actually significant. At least most of my life revolves around questions like ‘why do i always find my life in disarray?’ (if not dis-array, then maybe ‘that array’ or maybe even a multidimensional array for that matter!) or questions like ‘why can’t i manage my life better?’ or ‘were there really 24 hours today?’ or ‘Why is the daylight saving time change screwing around with my scheduler and all my meetings?!!’ 

Most of my answers, i’ve found out, can be attributed to an acute case of  – Severe Laziness Of The Hopeless kind also popularly called as SLOTH. This dreaded SLOTH has been known to pervade through people’s life and slowly but steadily diminish all sense of urgency and priority. So one fine morning when you find no ironed clothes to wear to work or when the bike runs out of petrol and leaves you stranded, you know SLOTH was at it again.

On the other hand there are the feel good questions too. Like ‘why has the weather in Bangalore been so wonderful lately?’ or a ‘why does witnessing a sunrise after probably years fill your heart with happiness?’ or ‘why do girls in flowing pleated skirts look divine?’. You don’t really want to find out the answers to these questions. You might want to find out more such questions instead!

Then there are all important questions that are way more important than life and which seemingly have no answers. Questions like ‘Why is the Tata Indicom Broadband connection down since the last 7 days?’ or ‘Why did it take Tata Indicom Broadband 30 days to fix the problem last time around?’ or ‘Is this what makes Tata Indicom Broadband India’s best broadband service?’

Posted by: Sreejith | October 18, 2007

Sepultura in India!

Fate is cruel. Let me elucidate…

I booked my Bangalore- Trivandrum ticket. While doing this I found out that on some days Deccan tickets were going for 9K while the Kingfisher ones were 6K. I never thought i would live to see that day.

I was searching for information on the Sampras-Federer: Clash of the Times matchup when i chanced upon this:

Sepultura in India

Yes. Seputura is playing in India and if you look closely, it says Saturday 03rd Nov, Bangalore. Now guess when i booked my Trivandrum ticket for – 02nd Nov.

Ah well, Sepultura is playing at the Palace Grounds and while you go buy the tickets online at the ticktpro site, i’ll go ratamahatta myself 😦

Posted by: Sreejith | October 13, 2007

Of judging and admiring

Di has tagged me(inspite of me being very polite and cordial on her blog) to reveal some aspects of my persona so that people can dissect and glean some insight into the phenomenon that is me. Of course i’ll do it because, face it, everyone likes to talk about themselves! Thats why i have a blog in the first place. But then these posts have the maximum number of “i this” or “i that” and will basically put any ordinary person to sleep, so I’ve added the lure of a pathetic jokes(PJ) somewhere along the way to keep you awake!

1. People i would like to see do this tag?

I would personally like to see Jaya do this because if i were to total all the chat extracts i’ve had with him on the subject of ‘judging people’ it would run into pages. Utkarsh too gets punished because he dared to give me bumps on my birthday. Btw thanks guys for the birthday cakes – the dogs i fed it to have been missing for the last fortnight. It turned out to be a great way to get rid of the mongrel menace! Also adding Kunal, Rocky, Sangfroid, Chandu to the list… err wait.. i actually want all those people in the friends category on my blogroll to do it. On second thoughts, i would in fact like to see everyone in my blogroll take this up! If your name is on the list on the right, then you are now morally obliged to take up the tag! Of course almost no one will do the tag and the pain point is that i can’t do anything about it. I would have loved to do something but unfortunately I don’t have a history of violence or a criminal record – i would have contested the elections if i had one. In fact i’ve never even laid a blow(*laid and blow :P*) on anyone.

All said and done i’ve been known to sit on people when i am angry and exert my point of view along with my weight(which is quite substantial). So take your pick.

2. People i judge?

Me and judge? I dread judging people! By the way have you watched Judge Dredd? It was pathetic and lived up to its name by being truly dreddful! Anyway I basically believe in the goodness of people. But then. there are some kinds of people who force me to take a stand for once. These would be…

a. Vain and self centered people who can only think from their point of view. The whole world revolves only around them. For example… me! I could only think of myself when i was scouring for an example – heights of being self centered!

b. Eveteasers – I have a personal vendetta against these kind of people ever since i was walking down the pavement and i heard a comment from a bunch of ****heads. I was wearing a long kurta and i guess they mistook me because of my long hair – i have really long hair. Reminds me of Bob Seger’s – Turn the page where he sings “All the same old cliches,”Is that a woman or a man?” And you always seem outnumbered, you don’t dare make a stand“. I did not make a stand that day but i did empathize with the many women folk out there for whom this is a normal thing. Considering how mad it made me feel i can only imagine how sad a thing it is.

3. People i admire?

a. Fiercely independent women. Period. Even women without periods will make the list. But not to mean that the ones with periods won’t. errr…actually the period doesn’t matter. drat.

b. Opinionated folks. People who have a point of view on pretty much most things under the sun but are open minded to other’s views.

c. People with a sense of humor or who are open to jokes like these…

Q) After getting hit by Yuvraj for six sixes in an over Ray-Ban approached Chris Broad to become a brand ambassador for their sunglasses… Why?
A) Chris Broad was the best example of what can happen to you if you don’t have Yuvi (UV) protection 😛

if you grinned at the above one then you are the kind i am talking about!

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