Posted by: Sreejith | June 15, 2007


Do people hate to evolve?
Or may be they are simply stubborn.
All it requires is a little resolve.
To get rid of that scorn.



  1. dude how many duplicate blogs will you have?
    your main blog is at yahoo, mirrored at blogspot.

    and this blog is now mirrored at WP!

    at least tell some poor souls like us that you are shifting allegiances…

    by the way, nice theme 😀

  2. Kunal… its all evolution 🙂 And as of now this is still beta 😀 I intend to move all blogs to wordpress soon.

  3. Or you shifting to wordpress coz ur company has restricted ur access to blogspot and wordpress is still accessible …

  4. Sreejith, ah! the heart gladdens on hearing this… 🙂
    glad finally you picked some sense 😛

  5. Shantalu, thats not exactly the reason.. however it was a strong motivation 🙂
    Kunal, transitioning my yahoo blog will be tougher 😦 lets see…

  6. finally .. i can comment!! and never came across this theme … looks royally blue blooded 😛 … and yah mine is 109 hit to ur blog ….

  7. blue blooded eh 😛 and your comments are always welcome.

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