Posted by: Sreejith | June 26, 2007

Open up

There is no point in hammering the wall when it is you who won’t open up.



  1. dude you can write a book about life if you go at this pace…
    “Short shots to life” – by Unni 🙂

  2. what about the skeletons in the closet..?

  3. Kunal, I’ll ask your help in editing it when the time comes 🙂

    Amit, Maybe we could open just wide enough..?? Btw your question sounds a bit like the profile question one gets on blogspot’s page 🙂

  4. can’t blame me.. I used blogspot for quite some time! 🙂

    In cricket, if you open just wide enough, even then you leave an opening!
    and my worry is.. hammering and opening wont go together! 😛

  5. poetic license 😛

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