Posted by: Sreejith | June 27, 2007

Did it sink in?

Q) Why did the Bismarck sink??

A) What did you expect? it came with a BIS-mark!



  1. damnit .. and I thought this space was for poetry and thoughtful quotes .. !!

  2. utkarsh, this thought is “thoughtful” 😛

    unni, nice one 😀

  3. the great unni wordplay continue …. 😛

  4. bravo
    (working on how to shorten the comment response in comparison to the small amount of actual content in the first place)

  5. Utkarsh, kunal will answer your query 😀

    Kunal, thanks! 🙂

    Rama, forget wordplay… how about word racer??

    Su, What would you be ‘contented’ if i write a lot of content?? 😛

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