Posted by: Sreejith | July 2, 2007

Die Hard 4.0 – As hard as it gets!

Observe what happens when you give a couple of toy cars to a kid. First he’ll play with it. After a few minutes, he’ll bang one into the other. Then he will throw one on the other and progressively get more and more violent till he manages to rip apart both cars.

Now just add about a hundred cars, all kinds of SUV’s and jeeps, loads of patrol vehicles, some trucks and some really long trailers and a few choppers. Just to be extra safe add a F35 fighter plane as well. Now add a reasonable excuse to blow these up and you’ve got Die Hard 4.0 Two hours of complete and absolute action. If you thought they don’t make movies like Judgement day anymore, you are wrong. What a rush!



  1. cant agree more..the scene with F35 plane was absolute raw action. I was literally sitting on the edge in the first half of movie.

  2. damn! not yet released in Hyd 😦

  3. rats ! gotta wait for IMAX release – no point watching it on small screen then

  4. cant wait, cant wait!
    well, mindless action is what makes die hard, die hard!!

  5. Chandu, thanks for recommending it 🙂
    Kunal/Nippo/Su, Guys don’t miss it for the world. You won’t regret it.

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