Posted by: Sreejith | July 4, 2007


Garlands for you we string
anthems of your praise we sing

yet destruction is all you bring.



  1. deep ..

  2. WHAT ?
    *Mighty confused*
    Was this meant for Pakistan from India ?? 🙂
    Yeah .. when it comes to poetry .. I always wonder why can’t people write straight forward sentences .. why must they resort to metaphors and such !!
    Explain thou must !!

  3. dude!!!!!! a poetry for US !!!!!!!!!!
    although apt, but you sk 😛

  4. Hmm, maybe its not so deep…

    when i write in verse
    i try to be extra terse

    if you had read the title, faith is what i question. Nothing more and nothing less 🙂

    I didnt realize that till u said it! wow.. the US fits in amazingly well!!

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