Posted by: Sreejith | July 5, 2007

One Evening at the Call Centre

One of the perks of working in the same building as the call centre folks is that apart from all the adoringly beautiful girls I get to look at, sometimes we get a little extra. A few days back, as a getting to know the business routine, i had the privilege of sitting in with a few folks when they were on the floor. That’s when they were making/receiving calls. I must say that i was mighty impressed by the skills of these people.

Till that point of time, i, like quite a few people i know, was under the impression that a call centre job was more like a time pass job which people take up as a transitory phase in their carrers. But i couldn’t be farther from the truth. I was sitting with this lady who was so quick in moving between screens and in understanding the profile of the customers that i was dumbstruck for the initial few minutes. And the lady being gorgeous had nothing to do with me being dumbstruck. And moreover they have no breaks between calls. Its like a rapidfire round of answering queries after queries. These people work under tremendous work pressure and yet they perform so well and are really cool about it. There is no way i could work under this kind of stress or time pressure.

I’ve made up my mind. Next time no matter how irate i might be, whenever i call customer care i’ll have an extra softness in my voice.



  1. plagiarized title 🙂

    but nice post… coming from slipstream saying that their speed is unbelievable, it must be something!

  2. everytime .. i make a call frm here .. i try to figure out if the person responding is based in uk or india or somewhere else 😀 …. well .. mostly .. i cant conclude! though on some occasions i did.

  3. Kunal, its called inspired.. not plagiarized 😛 Watching them work, i too was reminded of the good old CS days.

    Rama, Some call centre’s are really well run! Sometimes we Indians are good 🙂

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