Posted by: Sreejith | July 9, 2007


At Mekedatu

One fine saturday. 80 kms out of Bangalore. 1 Swift(Ankit’s)+ 1 Avenger(Gaurav’s). Chunchi – waterfalls. Sangam – the confluence. Mekedatu – a gorge. Lots of fun. All in all a saturday to remember.



  1. dude you sk… In the entire album you have put only one photograph!
    I doubt you guys would have taken one photograph only… send the link to all photos 🙂

  2. Never knew there can be places like this near bangalore.. this pic reminds me of the River Bhagirathi meandering through the hilly terrain in the Utttaranchal..oops uttarakhand!!! 🙂

  3. Of course Unni sucks 🙂
    Here is the link to all the pics ->
    the first 2 albums

    Sure it was a nice trip .. Thanks to Ankit’s Swift and Gaurav’s Madona .. Awesome experience on the bike

  4. Kunal, this was just the trailer. I assumed that Utkarsh would put up all the pics and links when he writes his post.
    Himank, Bangalore is full of getaways which are conveniently close enough! Loads of places to explore.
    Utkarsh, Thanks for the pics and the link! 🙂

  5. I saw other photos too , thanks to Gaurav, they were amazing.. Bangy offers so many weekend getaways..I am getting tempted 😀

  6. Chandu, Please do come.. we desperately need someone like you to write detailed posts of our trips 😀

  7. […] men don’t ask for directions? Have a look at what Gaurav brought along as directions for our roadtrip to Sangam a few weeks […]

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