Posted by: Sreejith | July 13, 2007


Today i noticed something shocking! My gmail inbox read:

You are currently using 902 MB (31%) of your 2875 MB

902 mb! WOW!! Amazingly a majority of that 902 mb is predominantly text or documents. No media! Come to think of it, till a few years back i was delicately balancing a 2mb hotmail account. Love you GMail!

The times they are a changing!



  1. which shows how much u into ‘letters’ these days

  2. …. and yahoo had 6mb…. now it is infinite. Times do change.

  3. Nice wordplay there Rama 🙂 How about a game of WordRacer then?

    Gagan, I believe yahoo too had 2 mb at some point of time.

  4. 992MB here 😀
    u can do the honors by sending me an 8mb fine 😉

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