Posted by: Sreejith | July 14, 2007


Rama: why did u go home again ?
Me: just like that. Next month its onam.. so i’ll be visiting regularly. So regularly that i am thinking of getting a girl here as well!
Rama: “here” ?….as if you have any girl elsewhere/anywhere 😛
Me: thank u for being so blunt
Rama: u can always depend on me for that
Me: ur not too sharp anyway 😀

Me: and thats going into my blog 😀



  1. Bah!!! Why do u bore us da!!

  2. why did the gay guard join the road crew?

    coz he loved laying stuff

  3. Thanks for the honest feedback, reader.

    LOL Jaya.. but why is the guard gay? And anyway the roads are most of the time ‘straight’ 😀

  4. nice one 🙂

  5. hmm .. now wat is my retort? :-s

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