Posted by: Sreejith | July 17, 2007


Define coincidence?

How about this? You run into your teammate from the your ex company while having dinner at a restaurant in Bangalore on a saturday night?

Hmm.. i wouldn’t call that coincidence because most Bangalorians eat out on saturday nights and picking a common restaurant is not a big deal.

Then how about running into your teammate from the your ex ex company at a hill station 80 kms from Bangalore on the very next sunday morning?

Thats a pretty good coincidence.

Fine since you are not convinced, consider this. That very Sunday afternoon, you are on your way back from that hill station and spot adventure games being organized at some arbit school. You decide to check it out and there you run into your old college mate whom you had last met 6 years back! Now eat that for coincidence!



  1. Coincidence ?? As Chandler says, “Joincidence with a C !!”

    How is that for a definition? 😀

  2. Thats true!!

  3. coincidence = co-incidence == co-incidents
    incident 1 = u going to place X
    incident 2 = ur past friend going to place X (X same as above)
    incident 1 + incident 2 = coincidents 😛

  4. nice weekend u had there 😛

  5. Sounds to me like you’re being stalked…by an old, old admirer… 😉

  6. once is happenstance
    twice is coincidence
    thrice is enemy action ! 😛

  7. Kunal, you need to stop watching friends.. 5 years is long enough!
    EyeWitness(pappu), thanks for the back up.
    Rama, you need to stop writing those math reports!
    Rao, did i mention that i caught a play that saturday too?
    Ideasmith, stalking me? i wish! And honoured to have u here.
    Nippo, way too paranoid 😀

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