Posted by: Sreejith | July 18, 2007


Q) What would happen if u typed in ‘disastr’ ?

A) The spellchecker would ‘spell disaster’!!

Psst : Useless information but i once heard at the IIIT Quiz club that disaster comes from dis meaning bad and astra meaning star. Steeped in astronomy!



  1. astrology u mean 😛

  2. I’ve been to IIIT quiz club meetings too!

  3. I think you need a new category – “Word play” 🙂

  4. Rama, you could debate if its astronomy or astrology… both had the same roots.
    Su, ah! u have? what a coincidence considering we did just 3 whole years together!
    Kunal, now that u remind me, i am seriously considering that. thanks for the useful tip 🙂

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