Posted by: Sreejith | July 20, 2007

Yahoo is boohoo!

Was about to post the adios post on my Y! 360 blog when i came across this…

A spellchecker on a blog that identifies ‘blog’ as a spelling mistake. These techies i tell you!



  1. yeah, these guys really need blogal warming up 😀

  2. good that you moved. i hated to comment there.
    but i thought that this one is only one liner blog. but still stick to the daily part of this blog.

  3. The blog suckzzz… write something bigger than these one liner stupid posts. There is nothing in them except for philosophy… junky blog.

  4. hey.. the second smr wasn’t me.

  5. Easter egg? Thts all I can think of other than that Yahoo! has lost it

  6. thank god you moved!

  7. Manu, lol!!
    Ranta, am trying to have no set rules. howvere will try to keep the daily part alive…40 days and counting now!
    smr the fake, obviously you haven’t heard of ip logging. unfortunate for you that i know your ip.
    Sumanth, hmm.. maybe a rotten easter egg 😀
    Kunal, i know… was long overdue.

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