Posted by: Sreejith | July 22, 2007

Wonder Years

Was catching a rerun of The Wonder Years on tv. Yes the same Wonder Years with Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper! And then it suddenly struck me why i simply love this series. Forget the nostalgia and the wonderful childhood memories it brings back. All those are really good reasons to love the series. But in my opinion what clinches it for The Wonder Years is the soundtrack. Notice that whenever a twist or a crucial point is made or when Kevin and Winnie end up sharing one of their tender moments, there is always a perfect song playing in the background. For example in one of the scenes when Kevin walks Becky back from school, its a really poignant moment. And thats when Will You Love Me Tomorrow plays in the background. And all the songs blend in perfectly with the scenes. The soundtrack is something like good wine to go along with good food!

Psst…. I read somewhere a long time back that there were close to 300 songs in the series and the painstaking effort in acquiring rights for all of those songs was the primary reason why the release of the DVD’s of The Wonder Years was delayed!



  1. dude you need to turn off the feature where the latest commentator’s avatar (in my case, my pic) is shown… since I am reading all your weekend posts at one go, all I see is my face screaming up from your blog!

  2. [:)] or rather change its resolution with a smaller one … btw I think some of us in IIIT had a good collection of wonder years songs… do you know him by any chance ??

  3. 😦 my smiley didnt work last time .. I hope it works this time 🙂

  4. yippie it worked 🙂 and the frequency with which I am commenting has made wordpress furious.. and its asking me to slow down 😦

  5. no no .. not u too !!! why does everyone like wonder years!! I wonder :D.

  6. Oh where where where did you find the reruns? I’ve been looking all over for DVDs of this series but haven’t found them! Youtube has some of the episodes though.

  7. Kunal, Thanks to your prodding i finally got myself to changing those widgets.

    Rocky, I have no clue but i myself have a good many of those. Let me know if u find out though. And whoa! you sure are making up for not commenting before 😀

    Rama, wonder-ful it is?

    Ideasmith, Its on Zee cafe. They are doing the reruns of those old shows – Wonder Years, Doogie Howser and X Files 🙂 I do however have all the dvd’s also …for instant gratification 😛

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