Posted by: Sreejith | July 23, 2007

So-fa so good…


Any ideas on how to deal with a really insistent doberman who just refuses to sleep anywhere other than on the couch?



  1. Get a couch made just for this lovely doberman 😉

  2. btw title of the post pretty good and adequate….

  3. like master like dog….
    remember the days in college you used to sleep only in your chair 😉

  4. give him something bad to eat when he is on the couch.. something bitter. And soemthing nice when he is on the floor.

    or send him over to my place 🙂 i dotn have any couch 😀

  5. get a “doberwoman” … which detest sofa 😀 !!

  6. ek g par laat maar ghuma kar

  7. Piyush, that couch is practically hers!

    Kunal, lol… good point 😉

    Rao, its a ‘her’ and not a ‘he’. She eats only what she likes and when she likes! very temperamental 😦

    Ankit, lol at doberwoman.. it already is one 😀

    Rohit, SPCA ka suna nahin kya? and u trying kicking a doberman.. u’ll realize what i am talking about.

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