Posted by: Sreejith | July 24, 2007

The disconnect

Its rush hour. From your vantage position on the roof you see the sea of mass move. There is the hint of rain in the air but the cup of coffee in your hand keeps you warm inside. But something gives. Somehow the uneasy feeling of not belonging is all you feel when you are here. The disconnect is too overpowering. Are you just one of them? Just one among the also rans? The questions come easy but the answers…



  1. sometimes looking at the big picture results in this disconnect .. concentrate on the smaller things, the small pleasures you have, esp the cup of coffee in your hand – that makes you feel great 🙂

    damn! you are making me philosophical …

  2. think u need someone to hold you and pet you properly 😀

  3. jus one of them !! ofcourse ..
    u r jus one of the billions of humans on this planet ..
    humans r jus one part of the trillions of living beings on this planet
    this planet is jus one of the millions of planets in the milky way
    and the milkyway is just one of the galaxies of the millions of the galaxies in this universe
    and this universe cud possibly be jus one of the millions of universes in .. watever .. 😛
    but then … this is jus one of the few comments on this blog 😛

  4. Kunal, thats really helpful. Temporarily. If we always keep looking at the smaller picture we will always remain a cog in the large wheel.

    Nipun, I couldnt have hoped for a better answer 🙂

    Rama, lol.. and also thanks for making me feel even more inconsequential!

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