Posted by: Sreejith | July 26, 2007

Thank goodness!

Have faith folks. There still is a lot of goodness left in this world.

No i haven’t lost it. I did lose it yesterday though. The key that is. Around noon, after dutifully locking the door I left the key in the hole and spent the rest of the day blissfully unaware of this tiny little detail. It was only after my roommate Karteek got home around 9pm that he noticed the door ajar and the key in the keyhole! Someone had noticed the key and intentionally left the door open for me to realize what a magnanimous fool i am! Amazingly not a single thing was stolen and there were quite a few things which could have been easily slipped into ones pockets. Phew! It certainly was nothing short of providence. There still are a few good Samaritans left. A relief because the world needs them.



  1. reminds me of the time I left my bike-key in the bike after locking it 🙂 luckily the guard of the restaurant noticed and kept the key himself….

  2. aah .. thats better than leavin half the key in the lock like I did with my bicycle. I was tryin to turn it .. turn it .. and end up breaking the key in half .. one half in the lock .. other half in my hand !!

  3. Kunal, thanks for reaffirming the faith. Good deeds are rarely thanked!

    Rama, lol.. you should wash your hands off the key 😀

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