Posted by: Sreejith | July 28, 2007

Howdy Partner!

Just about a year ago Govinda was at best a washed up actor. But after watching David Dhawan’s “Partner” i got the feeling that he is definitely on his comeback run. The man looks much fitter and has regained his comic touch… well atleast some of it. He outshines Salman(defintely not a daunting task) in Partner and walks away with the honours.

David Dhawan’s movies have always been famous for their slapstick brand of humour and his and Govinda’s movies were once the standard comic fare being dished out in Bollywood. However since then, sophisticated Bollywood comedies aimed at the more upmarket audiences have wooed away audiences from Dhawan. With liberal doses of wit and references to popular culture they have struck the right cords with the multiplex audiences. Movies like “Bheja Fry” have redefined comedy and are made with such shoestring budgets that even Ebenezer Scrooge could have financed one! The only parameter on which movies like Partner can beat these movies are on production budgets.

As for the movie, Partner is pretty much the same as “Hitch” from which it’s been copied. I’ll not go into detail about the acting or the story because there is very little there to dwell upon. As the famous line goes, ‘temporary suspension of disbelief’ is recommended. And you also better leave logical reasoning at home while you are doing the disbelief thing. The jokes which is the reason why you should watch this movie can be classified into what you can find in the “fun” category on dailyrium. ‘Poor Jokes’ at best but Govinda does show a few traces of his old comic self. And Salman is passable while showing off his abs. Katrina is quite simply there for eye candy while Lara Dutta looks quite stunning while being able to just about do justice to Eva Mendes’s role.

Another thing that’s interesting to notice is how making fun of yourself is the in thing in today’s movies. If carried off tastefully, its actually funny and redeeming at the same time! In Partner too, Govinda takes a pot shot at his old and famous ‘pelvic thrust’ style of dancing and it left everyone in the audience reeling with laughter. Salman also has a quip about his habit of disrobing. Also i’ve heard that Himesh has had many a wise crack about his nasal singing in his ‘Aap ka Suroor’.

Overall Partner is fun while it lasts. Leave the grey cells at home and you will have a blast!



  1. when is ur pun abt urself coming up on this blog? 😛

  2. rama, read the post again.. sreejith is poking fun at himself – “The jokes which is the reason why you should watch this movie can be classified into what you can find in the “fun” category on dailyrium. ‘Poor Jokes’ at best” 😛

  3. isnt the line “temporary suspension of disbelief” coming from your favorite movie BI ?

  4. Rama, i was going to write what Kunal wrote…

    Kunal, 10 on 10 in reading comprehension 😀

    Manoj, first of all thats a yucky movie…. and secondly the phrase is really really old! check out

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