Posted by: Sreejith | July 31, 2007


One more reason why bullock carts should be banned from plying on city roads:

The damn bulls pee on bikers shoes at traffic signals!!

I saw it happen on my way to work! 

*Cursing the no camera phone policy at work 😦 *



  1. so how badly is ur shoe stinking? 😛

  2. dude remember Madhapur roads? the traffic comes to a standstill frequently… all the buffaloes take their own sweet time to cross the road 🙂 and some frequently have a brief nap bang in the middle of the road….

  3. Peeing on a biker’s shoe… Thats awesome!!! 🙂 Wud like to see this happening on somebody but me

  4. hahaha ..and i am sure they shit too ..u know, “throwing penta ;)! “

  5. Unni.. i miss your giggle man.. could you send me a video of yourself giggling?

  6. Rama, not me ofcourse! i know better than to stand under a bull!

    Kunal, yes!! how can i forget!

    Himank, it was rather funny… if only i could have carried my camera phone 😦

    Abbulugadu, lol @ penta :)) that normally follows the pee 😀

    Vamsi, come here and see for yourself na!! 🙂

  7. LOL! That should be a particularly amusing sight!

  8. […] I really helps that there is always a pretty face or two to adore and then there is the FM and cattle to entertain you. And anyway as long as you are a part of the traffic you shouln’t really be […]

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