Posted by: Sreejith | August 1, 2007

I won!!

I won a contest..i won a contest. nana nana na na…nana nana na na!!

After that little bout of euphoria, let me explain. Was tuned into Radio Indigo on the way to work. And as usual Meghana was doing her “Day Trippin” show. Let me add that i simply love her show. Anyway there were 2 tickets to the preview show of “The Simpsons Movie” on offer if you could answer a set of rapidfire questions. I normally don’t enter any contests but it being the Simpsons i couln’t resist and dashed off an SMS. Luckily lightning struck and i was picked! I went on air.. yes.. ON AIR and Bangalore listened to my voice! Answered the 3 questions and won the prize!! YaY! Am i feeling lucky or what!

Anyway here’s my little way of saying thanks… if are one of those Radio listeners do tune into 91.9 Radio Indigo and check out:
11am to 2 pm | Day Trippin: Meghana Dhawan
Feel better. Look better. Live better. Tune into Day Trippin every weekday.

The questions were
1. Where do the Simpsons live?
2. Where does Homer work?
3. What are the names of Marge’s sisters?



  1. all Bangalore people hitting gold! first Utkarsh, now you 🙂 cool!

    by the way, can you get the recording of you on air? would be cool to listen to it…

  2. congo … so wat were the questions? 😛

  3. Simpsons ! very cool.. and who’s the second ticket for ??

  4. Kunal, Go Bangalore! err.. no no .. come to bangalore rather 😀 And i am great jackass becuase i forgot to record it! in fact the thought only crossed my mind after reading your comment 😦

    Rama, thanks.. i updated the post. in all the excitement i forgot to mention that 😀

    Nipun, really cool na! bidding going on for the second ticket. The last time i checked i was being offered 2 Mars bars and 1 dog biscuit 😛

  5. we got a philips 1 gig mp3 player
    we also got t shirts
    coffee mugs
    and i got a bottle of champagne to drinkk in officce 🙂

    all for a beta release 🙂

  6. would it hurt to put out the answers too?

  7. dude 48 days straight and nothing to show for today! at least make it 50 days in a row 🙂
    come on unni, post! come up with some pun, anything!!!

  8. […] As i proudly proclaimed yesterday, i did win tickets to the preview show of “The Simpsons Movie”. And what a movie it […]

  9. Vamsi, here you go… Springfield, the Nuclear Power Plant and Patty & Selma 🙂

    Kunal, make that 49.

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