Posted by: Sreejith | August 2, 2007

Absolutely D’oh!

As i proudly proclaimed yesterday, i did win tickets to the preview show of “The Simpsons Movie”. And what a movie it was! An absolute riot. Starting from the audience to Green Day to Al Gore to even inuits, practically everyone gets made fun of. Titanic, SpiderMan, Pulp Fiction, Erin Brockovich..  even my favourite Grand Theft Auto too! Sheesh! In between i was even clutching my sides just to stop the pain from all the laughing. No one could have made a better movie out of characters who have been making us laugh for what seems like forever! Its a miracle that i made it out alive after laughing so much! Even if you are not a Simpsons fan you will love this movie. Trust me.

And the best part was that it was a preview show. The whole place was filled with Simpsons enthusiasts and for a change i was not the only one laughing out loud at all the obscure jokes! You got to love winning contests 🙂



  1. u manipulated the date !!

    *hear hear* unni blogged unfair 😛

  2. dude, I have no idea about the simpsons… never followed it … and now your review has me confused… would I understand the movie even if I don’t know any character?

  3. Rama, gimme a break! was the 10pm simpsons show! and anyway it was 2nd Aug by your time 😛

    Kunal, “Even if you are not a Simpsons fan you will love this movie. Trust me.” There are a few thousand reviews out there.. so just wanted to describe the experience not review the movie.

  4. You a GTA fan !!! COOL …. Badnews is that GTA 4 has been delayed to the second quarter of next year ….

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