Posted by: Sreejith | August 3, 2007


Who says men don’t ask for directions? Have a look at what Gaurav brought along as directions for our roadtrip to Sangam a few weeks back!


A 0.05km is bewildering and a 27.84km more so… but what in god’s name is 0.0km!!



  1. where did he get such precise directions? I could surely use such a website right now …

  2. hahahaha… so okay SOME men, well, one or two exceptions, DO ask for directions then..

  3. Unbelievable. Would he be willing to conduct a seminar to teach men to take directions?

  4. *stunned*

  5. ada paavi!! :))

  6. Kunal, gaurav has promised to mail you the url 🙂

    Moondai, ‘some’ consolation eh?

    Ideasmith, err.. but who would attend?? 😀

    Obelix, me too was!

    Asr, paavam rather than paavi i say!

  7. Wots so surprising if men ask for directions ??

    btw it was from

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