Posted by: Sreejith | August 4, 2007


Aggar’s songs are out! I was excited about this particular movie because the music is by ‘Mithoon‘. The same guy who’s 21 years old and has hits like ‘Maula Mere’ from Anwar and ‘Mausam’ from ‘The Train’ to his name! Damn these young prodigies. They give me a massive attack of inferiority complex 😦

Anwar’s ‘Maula Mere’ has been one of those rare songs which got stuck in my head. For weeks that was the only song i could hum! I had even got Rakesh to post the lyrics!. Well he should be happy because at this point that post has an astounding 258 comments! Coming back to Mithoon, even the songs of ‘The Train’ had been really catchy especially ‘Mausam’ and ‘Beete Lamhe’. Aggar’s songs seem to be in same mould as Train’s. Catchy but unfortunately they all seem to sound the same. Haven’t grown on me yet and there doesn’t seem to be a standout song like ‘Maula Mere’ on this OST. Very good but nevertheless a trifle disappointing considering i was expecting much better.

I thought ‘agar’ meant ‘if’ but why ‘aggar’?
My theory is that its like the ‘iff‘ in mathematics! 😀



  1. uff @ iff 😛 ..
    havent listened to these songs .. :-s .. now where that search toolbar .. 😀

  2. that iff explanation seems more logical then numerology funda 🙂

  3. Rama/Kunal , why does everyone read only the conclusion! 😛

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