Posted by: Sreejith | August 7, 2007

Oh Man!

You have to be mallu to get this. Heard this one from my ungle a few months back.

So one night, a fine mallu NRI was driving back from a friends place in the US of A. The way back was through a national park and there were a lot of deer crossings on the way. Unfortunately for him at one such crossing, a deer jumped right into his path and he ran over the poor thing. He somehow managed to get the car to a screeching halt but the the whole windshield was splattered with blood. Nervous and with absolutely no idea of what to do he calls up 911 and blurts out..

“911? I killed a MAN!”

psst: man is malayalam for deer 😛



  1. blogger’s block? 😛

  2. dint he say – “911? I gilled a MAN!” ? 🙂 😀

  3. and the operator would have replied, “Oh Dear!” 😛

  4. kunal’s response is way way better than the original post 😀

  5. Hee hee hee…in Tamizh as well. I’m kicked with the story!

  6. rofl, nice !!

  7. hey hey …good one
    btw if a man’s a deer wonder what a woman in mallu ;))

  8. cool man…u still rock 😀

  9. Rama, 55 posts on 55 days and you call that a block?

    Asr, hihihi…. you are most probably right 😀

    Kunal, lol.. excellent!

    Rama, shoo shoo!! 😛

    Idesmith, yea. My tamizh friends have also been subjected to this 😀

    Tipo, 🙂 didnt know you blogged too!

    Nipun, a female eh… thats something we could ‘doe’ with.

    Sandeep, hihi.. look who’s talking!!

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