Posted by: Sreejith | August 8, 2007


There she sat looking rather pretty
in a black top with a slender pleated skirt.

Towards her i burst out like coiled confetti
only to be warded off by her looks curt.

Well. Atleast i can write something shitty
and mask the pain within that hurt.



  1. my sympathies 😛

  2. Might have thought you dotty,
    and hence treated you like dirt?

  3. nice rhyming sequence… 😀
    and who was she?

  4. Rama, 🙂

    Manu, was trying to avoid the ‘looking into your self’ part 😀

    Kunal, wrote it like a nursery rhyme 🙂 and she was just one of the 1500 in my office 😉 yea.. 1499 to go 😀

  5. You shud have kidnapped the *****

  6. Maybe she was just already bored
    When u made ur attempt to flirt..

    😛 my condolences 😀

  7. Abbulugadu, yea.. i look just the villainous types too.

    Di, 🙂

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