Posted by: Sreejith | August 9, 2007


So this paranoid company, a bank, decides to go ultra paranoid and ban Internet radio and all kinds of streaming from the Internet at the workplace. This was in addition to the list of camera phones, USB drives, mp3 players(ipods and the ilk) and pretty much any object of entertainment which was ever conceived. Senior management was of the view that this ‘final nail in the coffin’ measure would certainly brew some discontent among the meek staff. So they predicted subtle forms of employee discontent and protest. For example they were assuming that staff would show their displeasure by dialling in late to conference calls.

However a few weeks after this rule came into force, it was found that, on the contrary, employees have been dialling into conference call numbers minutes (and sometimes even since 20-30 minutes) before the scheduled call. It seems the staff have been dialling in to listen to the lounge music that’s played on conference call numbers before the actual call!!

Now who says we Indians aren’t ingenious!



  1. Ha ha ha… Lolzzz…..

  2. =)) .. depths of desperation 😛

  3. what generally plays in loung music ….item numbers ? :p

  4. and what would the name of that bank be?

  5. =)) awesome

  6. as I write this from my office, sipping a hot coffee, listening to “Hotel California”, while uploading photographs from my camera to the desktop …
    uhh… what was I commenting about.. eh? 😉

  7. what was it someone said – from the frying pan into the fire …or some thing like that anyway 😀

  8. Himank/Rama/Maruti, one man’s tragedy is anothers comedy 😀

    Abbulugadu, khallas plays and all the staff gyrates to its beats 😛 on a more serious note, its a 30 second instumental piece that goes on in an endless loop.

    Shashank, Compliance policy forbids me to name it but i can just say that its one of the local banks of the world.

    Kunal, please remind me to write you a mail with the choicest of expletives.

    Nipun, so true… getting roasted in the fire here 😦

  9. aaaah my ultra intelligent genius brain of mine figured it out…

    thanks for the caution 😀

  10. Can i have the dial in number too 🙂
    Tired of listening to smooth operator – also now that we have lost the conf cal dial in facility thanks to all cost cutting and stuff …


  11. Shashank, hihi 🙂

    Percy, yaar even with all the cost cutting, the internet policies at Inductis were a lot better 😦

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