Posted by: Sreejith | August 13, 2007


So we were watching Jaan-E-Mann at the movies and there was this scene where Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar move into a building right opposite Preity Zinta’s to spy on her. Once at their window, Salman pulls out his swanky binoculars and starts gaping at Preity while Akshay pleads desperately with Salman to let him have a dekko as well. Salman refuses, so Akshay, who works at NASA (seems its rather easy to get in there) gets his mini telescope and zooms in really close as well. He zooms in so close you could literally see a freckle on Preity’s face! And thats when i had to really scream out loud…

“thats what telescopes are meant for – to look at ‘heavenly bodies’!” 😛



  1. lol

  2. ahem … shudnt this be in pun rather than fun ?

    @maruti! how dare u comment before me 😛

  3. allez mythalez! the king of I-comment-first-on-every-post!

    btw, they stop looking heavenly if you use telescope. So always look from a distance & be happy with what you get to see – my philosophy :p

  4. uhmm .. reminds me of the first few days in college when someone asked me to write two pages on .. ehh .. “interacting” with preity zinta .. turned out pretty cool 🙂

  5. 🙂 [copyright: Rocky]

  6. ahh..the joys of being educated.. 😛

  7. Maruti, 🙂 finally someone beat Rama to the first comment!

    Rama, pothato potahto.

    Asr, haha.. i get the big picture 🙂

    Utkarsh, i think i read that.. those ‘interaction days’ were always fun na 😉

    Kunal, :)) good one

    Di, :)) and thats a good line! Will save it for future use.

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