Posted by: Sreejith | August 14, 2007


KS : I want to see Marigold this weekend!

Me : So whats the hassle…you get ‘Marie-Gold‘ in every shop! 😛



  1. mmm…Ali larter 🙂

  2. well .. u can achieve the proverbial impossible regarding the cake …
    You can see the Mari(e)Gold and eat it too 😛

  3. KS = ???
    My apologies in advance.I thought KS stands for …u know 😉

  4. have u taken independence from daily posting on independence day?? 😛

  5. Nipun, i am not exactly a fan 🙂

    Rama, hmm… i’ll be eating my words then 😛 and no holiday..atleast not yet… post’s up!

    Abbulu, KS is a teammate.. she refused to part with publicity fees.. so i didn’t write her full name 😀

  6. nice one 🙂

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