Posted by: Sreejith | August 18, 2007


Transformers – the movie is awesome. End of story. As for the story… who needs a story when you have machines transforming into robots. Its an adolescent mind’s wildest fantasy! But if you insist, its about some advanced alien species or robots who had come in search of some all powerful cube which landed on Earth a long time back. There are the evil robots, the ‘Decepticons’ and the good ones, the AutoBots who wage a war over that cube on planet Earth. Ok, i agree…the plot is ridiculous and there are so many things that could have been better. The background score for one sucked. I would say it was a few notches below loud. When you have a couple of gigantic robots destroying each other you need really loud and heavy music to accentuate the effect. Then the camerawork could have been so much better. Most fight scenes were showed in real close up shots. Especially the scenes towards the end where you really need wide angle shots to drive home how huge the conflict is! Movies like King Kong had those in abundance.

All said and done, how could machines transforming into robots not be awesome!



  1. blah .. i didnt like it as much 😛 … and yeah the camera work left a lot to be desired ..

  2. Rama, agreed… if i wasn’t so immature i wouldn’t have liked it too 🙂

  3. I have seen the movie twice already.. another interesting camera style is in Bourne 3.

  4. directly goes in the list of “wait till TV release” 😀

  5. Sumanth, always a kid eh 😀 And ultimatum is in my top 3 must watch list 🙂

    Kunal, that would be a wise decision.

  6. Hey…take the inputs from the live reviewers…I must tell you all …he was completely engrossed by few seens between praying to God to save the humans from those Gigantic Robots..hahah….An advice… next time better pray to the Director!
    It may help, no offence, enjoyed it all…..heheh..

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