Posted by: Sreejith | August 19, 2007

Kite Runner Movie!

This is one movie i am eagerly waiting for.

Wonder if it will move me as much as the book did.



  1. Oh wen will it be out? I loved the book…

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  3. hey, i had no clue that kite runner is going to be made into a movie…awesome!!!

    This weekend my friends, family and I plan to watch transformer on dvd ; over some booze and kentucy fried chicken…will tell u how tht went…

  4. Im totally lookin fwd to it too..but the movie has tough competition..the book’s hard to surpass!

  5. wow..thanks for this info..never knew they are making a movie out of it..the book was a gem…would love to see the movie version of Shantaram too..

  6. Me too Me too!

  7. seems like a must watch

  8. Awesome trailer .. If its even half as good as the book was .. it would be still be great to watch.

  9. Tia, 😦 India’s not yet listed on

    Tys, i know!

    Di, forget surpass.. i will pay money and buy the dvd even if it comes close 🙂

    Mathew, i am yet to read shantaram 😦 too busy blogging 😀

    D, i’ll not wait for you to review before seeing this 😛

    Kunal, keep adding to the never ending list

    Utkarsh, well atleast it will be better than Apocalypto anyday 😀

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