Posted by: Sreejith | August 21, 2007


As a part of some ‘Compliance Awareness Week’ my worplace is having a slogan writing contest. The subject being ‘my idea of compliance’. After fighting off a severe bout of hypocrisy, i did put in some entries. Sample a few..

Compliance – Prevention is better than cure. (* throwing up)

Comply and cherish. Disregard and perish. (* bit extreme eh?)

Compliance – Being aware. Because we care. (* talk about double standards!)

and for the coup de grace

Compliance – Come run hotels (* come ply inns :p )

edit: I did win the slogan writing contest for “Comply and cherish. Disregard and perish.” 🙂



  1. seems to be security and awareness weeks everywhere…we have been having the same at our place too. All day they play security video’s in the cafeteria projectors and use the in cube audio system to pipe security messages 🙂 . Reminded me of 1984-Big Brother is watching you!

  2. compliance? wat exactly r u supposed to be aware of ??

  3. hypocrisy ?? u call those punitive measures as compliance ?? remember Verizon 😀
    all the compliance measures i seem to think of at my place is call up when u bunk !

  4. Last one is the best 🙂

  5. sreejith, these are way way way below your standards… only the last one could stand its ground, although shakily and only for few minutes…
    u sk 😛

  6. for a moment there, I thought you had lost your touch… so much of mainstream stuff.. beware,, perish… not done!
    Last done is still ok.. but a baby step towards PCdom!

  7. Good one!

    Comply, or else…. 😀

  8. Jaya, atleast here we are always being watched 😦

    Rama, i think that would be the ‘rules’. No one really knows actually 😛

    Nipun, ur lucky! and trust me this is worse than vz!

    Utkarsh, i am 100% sure that will now win any prizes though.

    Kunal, striving to lower my standards.. but i keep going up.. must be all the hot air 😀

    Amit, dont’t worry i’ll get to PCdom.. i like how PCdom sounds… its like my own kingdom 😀

    AP, hihi.. thanks!

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