Posted by: Sreejith | August 24, 2007

Channeling Fury!

15 minutes back i switched on the television at home. After 10 minutes of channel surfing i was back up at the computer writing this post.

What happened in the 10 minute interval?

A huge explosion of Mallu channels is what happened! There were an amazing 25 Malayalam channels that i counted. Listed below…

1. Kiran (plays mallu music)
2. IndiaVision
3. People
4. Manorama News
5. Amrita (amma’s favourite)
6. Asianet (good old original)
7. ACV – Asianet Cable Vision (more asianet offshoots)
8. Kairali (achcha’s favorite)
9. Surya
10. DD National Keralam (good old DD. Wonder if it still shows how to rear pigs? :D)
11. Rosebowl (plays English music … mostly Christian rock)
12. ACV Medley (mallu music again)
13. ACV Jukebox (more music)
14. Asianet News (they don’t seem to be asking “aapko kaise lag raha hai” yet!)
15. HI (some interactive music channel.. mallu again)
16. ACV Jukebox+ (yes!! they have a jukebox and a jukebox+ !!)
17. WE (name must have been inspired by Channel V)
18. Jeevan
19. Asianet Plus
20. JaiHind (definitely seem have run out of better names…)
21. Shalom (missionary something… not that missionary you filthy minds!)
22. TVM (wonder if thats Trivandrum or TV-M)
23. Yes IndiaVision (by this point i had lost half the vision in my left eye)
24. MiracleNet (a miracle that i got it back!)
25. PowerVision (and now i have more powerful vision :D)

25 channels for a peanut of a state! Now with all the programming needed there must loads of openings for all you computer engineers 😛



  1. telling u man, we mallus are actually virus in human form…it all started thousands of years ago, when a meteor carrying the earliest mallu genes from the detroyed planet of mallusia, landed in the southern tip of india( this was depicted as Parashuram Axe throw by mythology).

    Soon the alien mallu virus used the local monkeys as host, which caused the monkeys to evolve at a faster rate. These are the fore runners of the evolutionery theory and also shown in mytology as hanuman and the monkey brigade…

    As an alien breed, its in our nature to invade, subtly but surely…

    the channels are just another step in the rite direction…

    Now, take me to your leader…

  2. Lol … now for the Southampton connection:

    No 8. Kairali is a Kerala restaurant quite close to the univ and quite popular too (and makes decent enough dosas)

    No 11. Rosebowl is the name of the cricket ground in Southampton where just recently India lost terribly to England 😦

  3. @tys … lol .. loler lolest .. !!

  4. There are more on the way!

    @tys: 😀

  5. Tys, Simbly awesome.. ayyo… my sides hurt after all that laughing. Got to dock with the Mother ship now 😀

    Rama, will save that for my southampton visit 😀 btw most mallu restaurants are named Kairali in B’lore as well.

    Ankit, yea. me too.

    AP, nahinn.. keh do ki yeh jhooth hai!

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