Posted by: Sreejith | August 25, 2007

Ende Amme!

In the midst of a ‘Windows for dummies’ course for my mom….

Me: So you click on this ‘My Computer’ icon on the desktop and you see all the data. Everything is in ‘My Computer’. Ok?

Amma(pointing to the wallpaper): Ok. But who is this girl in the picture?

Me: Thats Vidya Balan. Concentrate Amme… Now double click on the ‘My Computer’

Amma: Vidya Balan? Is she a Malayalee?

Me: arrgh… she has a mallu dad! Now can you please navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop ?

Amma: ok ok i am clicking. Is she Married?

Me: I sure hope not!! Now you can see the files on the desktop here alle. See i told you everything is in ‘My Computer’

Amma : ayyo.. how can that be.. you said ‘My Computer’ is on the Desktop and now you say the Desktop is in ‘My computer’!

Me: frantically pressing F1 :((

Pssst: Ende Amme translates to ‘my mom’ in malayalam. Used as an expression of bewilderment ala ‘omg’ or ‘oyi maa’!



  1. Thats a pretty valid question u knw! You shud tell her abt shortcuts and stuff 😛

    Alternate ending:

    Amma : ayyo.. how can that be.. you said ‘My Computer’ is on the Desktop and now you say the Desktop is in ‘My computer’!

    Me: frantically pressing F1 :((

    Amma: So, do you have this Balan’s number, can we visit her? when do you both want to get married?

  2. There’s this bell ringing violently inside my head. Ammas are the same the world over, looks like. Mine finally got tired of having me yell “Why can’t you follow zimble instructions? I sure didn’t get my brains from you” all the time, and joined some computer course at women’s college. Now she’s a regular computer whiz, and confirms that I didn’t get her brains. 😦

  3. you didnt have an answer to the question that was posed to you !! 🙂

  4. 🙂
    True, all mothers (and fathers to a degree) are like that 😀

  5. why does everyone curse our beautiful operating system but then end up using it? glory be to gates, the man who pays my salary!

  6. When are you getting married? 😀

  7. She seems serious about getting a bahu. Show her all nice wallpapers.
    Was it a coincidence that ‘she has a mallu dad’ ?


    I wish you had scarlet johanson on your desktop … but its ok I guess u can manage with balan …

  9. bhabhi se kab mila rahe ho? 😛
    and to resolve your mom’s doubt you should have explained about recursion 😀

  10. Rama, sigh… some dreams are not meant to be 😦

    AP, ihihi…i should ask my amma to learn from your amma 🙂

    A’Mariner, 😦 so much for my B.Tech in CS degree.

    Sporadic, my father is worse 😀

    Jaya, what use are you.. raise a priority1 and get it fixed!!

    Rao, far far away in a distant distant time. don’t worry u’ll get an e-card… and you can bring your wife as well 😀

    SMR, well i guess she’s worried because she looked at me and said it will take a long time ;)) vaise i always knew Vidya Balan was half mallu!

    SKP, abe ghonchu! You want Scarlett to be your bhabhi!

    Kunal, paise de ke Heyy Babyy dekh lena 😀 vaise i should be the one asking this question 😉 btw how could i explain recursion when i am still looking for the 3rd tower of Hanoi!

  11. lol…i tried teaching mum to msg wit T9…must say i failed miserably..she is pretty happy wit multitap, so no issues…Faced the same when i tried to teach her how to use a motorola phone..i wud go right button press cheiyu..right right..and she wud press the left one n id get so frustrated!Its not like she dosent kno english (she was born n raised in blore for cryin out loud!) she just refuses to concentrate!
    Same with using the net….

  12. Tia, yeah.. its the concentration part that irks me too! They have the attention span of a child now!

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