Posted by: Sreejith | August 26, 2007

A toy story

The best thing about visiting home is that every now and then you spot some part of your history. The things that shaped the way you think, act, behave. Today i ran into a small red car jutting out of one of those huge cardboard boxes.

Immediately i was transported to my childhood days when i used to play with my huge collection of Hot Wheels. I used to make up all kinds of ridiculous stories with the cars playing the lead roles. Most such stories ended with my favourite red Mustang like model jumping over 5 books and doing a couple of somersaults before landing a sucker punch on the evil yellow car. Of course the blue mini van(the sissy van was what amma gifted when i came 1st in 3rd grade!) would be the silent damsel in distress and would eventually ride away with the red car into the garage made out of Lego blocks. If you have seen Cars you will understand most of this story.

No. I did not have an abnormal childhood! I was a single child and the idle mind being the devil’s workshop is rather true. And i am really sure everyone of us have had a fantasy toy story or two when we grew up. Ah well… such a wonderful drug nostalgia is.



  1. My Onam wishes !!

  2. I had a more destructive bent of mine.

    I used to line up my set of hot wheels in two teams and then crash them head on 1 by 1. Whichever team had fewer cars knocked over won.

    I seem to recall naming one of them Sunburner … (that sounds like a better CS name than CeG oBelIX :D)

  3. Happy Onam my Mallu frnd …

    and truly being single child is awesome at times…

  4. what about GI.jOE toys ..i am sure u must have played with them too ..given ur gifted skills at CS!! 🙂

  5. my favourite were the somersaulting cars … I used to have insanely long routes complete with slides and obstructions and launchpads all accomplished using books and magazines and newspapers…
    next time I go home, I’ll search for the red sports car I used to have.. now I know why I support Ferrari 😀

  6. lol, i would collect match boxes and create walls with them and use the cars to smash them.

    I dint use to create such complex plots as u said :p but i would just imagine a chase sequence killing many people on the road (sister’s dolls, best part was those doll’s heads hands, everything would come out, thus creating a wonderful effect of limbs tearing off), smashing many civilian cars and finally a grand finalle where the cars will smash each other and one of them will explode. I used a cloth 2 simulate the explosion.

    so there, u had definitely a normal childhood 😀

  7. i totally identify with these absolutely normal childhood of yours.

    my car story plots used to end with the violet rodzilla (with a dragon head) saving the day. there were no damsels in distress cars though.

  8. sigh! my cars _just_ crashed against the walls & used to create a ruckus. no stories here.

  9. seems all had a fascination for that red Ferrari … me included *sigh* ….

  10. Jac, Thank you and wish you the same as well!!

    Obelix, hey! i did that too but 1 at a time.. 1v1 ;)) and sunburner is waay better than obelix 😉

    SKP, Thank you for the wishes! sigh.. always single i am 😉

    Abbulu, 😦 my only GIJoe broke when i sat on him…but then his head came handy as a TT ball 😀

    Kunal, that my dear friend is the mark of a true tifosi 🙂

    Shiben, pyrotechnics, extreme graphic violence, homicidal tendencies! dude.. you rock! 😀

    Sankalp, wow.. i always wanted that rodzilla car *drools*

    asr, Paul Haggis(he directed crash) must have been driving your cars! ok fine.. i apologize 😀

    Nipun, seems red cars and boys are quite inseparable 🙂

  11. Happy Onam stud…Iam a little late in the wishes but you can blame it on the Sadya…I just woke up…

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