Posted by: Sreejith | August 28, 2007

Higher up the chain!

‘There are 3 kinds of people in this world. Those who can count and those who can’t!’

Now almost everyone would have heard the above lame joke. But then there is always this someone you know who wouldn’t have heard of it and sends you the same ghisa pita chain mail joke as a forward. And then you are like “wtf! wasn’t this chain mail going around last year?”

This phenomenon is known as a ‘higher up the chain’ condition. (ala the food chain). If you google for it you will find no such condition. That’s because i just made it up! So let me explain.

Its rather simple. If you are higher up the grand scheme of things on the Internet, you get these chain mails much earlier. It means you have friends who in turn have friends who are closer to the source. See thats where its a chain. As with all chains, the vermin of the world will lie at the low rungs of this ladder and will keep frustrating the ones higher up by continually sending the old jokes again and again! Now have you ever thought of who originally writes these lame pathetic jokes? Well, yours truly is responsible for quite a few pathetic one’s including…

Q) At a conference Musharraf comes over to Manmohan Singh and starts pulling at Singh’s neck tie. Why???

A) He was trying to strengthen ties with India !!!!

and this one…

Q) Why was Radha always near the toilets?

A: She loved go pee. (Gopi)

and this one

Q) So there is this really negative character. A typical villain. Woh apne car mein ghoom raha tha and suddenly turn leta hain. Instantly he becomes a good guy… How?

A) Kyunki usne “MOD” liya!! (negative turns to positive!)

So if you had ever got one of the above and were pissed off at the invisible force behind it… now you know whose neck to wring!!



  1. hmm. hmm.

  2. What did the cat say to the dog?


    I claim copyright. If you’ve heard it before, it’s because I’ve said it before. I hope the fame doesn’t go to my head.

  3. Higher up the chain. original. and cool.

    mod thing was nice.

  4. hmm … nice

    when do u intend to start the next mail-chain?

  5. There are 10 types of people in the world; those who know quaternary, those who mistake it for binary, those who mistake it for ternary, and those who are sick of these jokes


  6. your neck would be difficult to wring considering its girth 🙂
    and MOD was pure genius 😀

  7. have you any ‘mod’ i cum of decency left ???
    Higher up the chain indeed …. dude u’ll fall all the harder 😀

  8. I guess you can compile them and put them in a book, something like Kushwant Singh’s SEX Jokes 😛

  9. ah! always wondered why Radha hung around the loo….now, thats cleared along with her reputation…iam so glad…

  10. Hey!

    MOD was superb…ROTFL..

    One for u to guess now…

    You are travelling in a deluxe van in a desert and you wanna have a bath…..solution?
    although copyright is not with me.

    Integrate Deluxe u get LUX + C(SEA)!


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  12. Rao, yes yes thinking is good. Do it more often 😀

    AP, wah wah… you should ‘treat’ yourself for cracking that 😛

    Smr, Thank you Ranta!

    Sangfroid, i would post it on dailyrium instead!

    Maruti, My apologies for the suffering. I shall only post the worst ones so that you die painlessly without suffering!

    Kunal, abe my neck is not XXXL like the rest of me 😀

    Nipun, even with all my MODest efforts?

    Blah, good point!! Adding the ‘sex’ word will automatically make sure the book will sell!!!

    Tys, Radha would also be glad 😀

    CT, i love everyone equally! i know not how to differentiate 😛

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