Posted by: Sreejith | August 30, 2007


Just heard this band called Avial play on TV and was instantly bowled over by them. Its supposedly an Alternative Malayalam rock band. Yes… you read it right!! They sound and look very Linkin Park-ish but the music is amazingly good! Especially the fusion meets neo rock bits. And they have a video to boot! Unfortunately the lyrics are in mallu… and are, lets say, a little outlandish.

This song’s called “Nada Nada” which translates to “walk walk”and implicitly to ‘keep walking’. You can listen to their songs on the Avial MySpace page. My personal favourite is a song called “Adu Pambe”. This song gets my recommendation of the highest degree. Now chuck out the prejudice and check out the music!

Psst : The name of the band is derived from Avial, most probably the most distinctive dish of Kerala.



  1. for a moment i thought it was ‘naada naada’ 😀

    dont blindly believe the wiki – avial is a very tamil dish too…

  2. Sreejith, avial is now manna for you – food + music 🙂

  3. damn good music ..
    could not get head or tail of the lyrics though 🙂
    need a translation .. put up one ..

  4. Avial rocks 🙂 Both the dish and the band.

  5. Asr, come on! its a very mallu dish. i don’t need wiki to tell me that!

    Kunal, hihi.. true 🙂

    Utkarsh, err.. considering all the malayalam i know.. it will be a tough ask

    Arun, yes yes but only next to insomnia 🙂

  6. will pass this comment to them 😉

  7. considering i can barely tolerate rock…i manged to listen to it for a whole 2 mins ,just tryin to figure out the point of it all! 😛 But loved the name of the band nevertheless.. 😉

  8. Man…no words can currently express how i feel rite now…

    we have arrived….move over KISS , Umma is here..

  9. Dinsan, You know them?! Thats really cool! Do tell them there are many more people listening than they believe.

    Di, You don’t like rock and actually checked the music out? now thats a first… no one ever listens to me! you are an *exceptional* person 🙂

    Tys, lol.. mallu rock bands are not new actually. Mother Jane, TAAQ etc etc have been there since long. But avial’s mallu rock 🙂 I love the Umma name…its very Abba ;))

  10. Hey do you know where the get the lyrics and a translation of Adu Pambe?

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