Posted by: Sreejith | September 1, 2007

New Message

Sometimes an idea changes nothing
and you just don’t want to express yourself
perhaps you don’t want the world in your fist
and don’t want to be followed wherever you go

once in a while its worth losing yourself
and not sending the right signals
once in a while you must realize
the collar around your neck is your phone



  1. didnt get it the first time .. then read the title ..and re read the post and got the point 😀

    my contribution:

    Sometimes, you stare at it
    your eyes willing it to ring.
    Sometimes, off you switch it
    and claim it required charging!

  2. But sometimes an idea changes something
    And you want to express yourself
    May be in ur BLOG!!!!! 🙂

  3. I can empathize with that… have had similar thoughts… there have been days when I “forgot” my cell at home – I got to know the meaning of bliss 😀

  4. Rama, it was an instinctive outburst… was not trying to be funny 😦

    Allirekha, true…very true 🙂

    Kunal, we should have no phone days i say!

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