Posted by: Sreejith | September 4, 2007


Like many of you, i read an awful lot of blogs and being the kind who notices the fine print, it thrills me to no end to see little customized messages people write on their blogs. Almost everyone has done some customization or the other. Ofcourse they have, for who wouldn’t want to decorate their homes. However some of these changes are absolute little nuggets of brilliance. For example i simply love Sayesha’s “# bewdas got fultu talli” line. Or Tia’s “Welcome to the tia party” headline. Ideasmith’s “Idea-fillings” is another and so is Manu’s “Manu scripts with a why”! And these are just the ones i can recollect off the top of my head. But my personal favourite is Rama’s “Dailycious” link to my page. *being narcissist helps!*

So whats your favourite?



  1. as I read this all I can remember is our first year C programming class, and a grinning face saying (include proper accent and style): “you tell me” …

  2. my favourite is ofcourse my, now dormant, blog’s description.
    It’s a blatant copy though 😦
    So, let it not be known.

  3. haha, that it does 🙂

  4. To which Ideasmith says ‘thenk yew’. The analogy of wanting to decorate one’s home is perfect. The blog is the home of one’s thoughts after all.

  5. Kunal, did you know the alligator is the only animal that cant move its lower ‘jaw’! arbit eh?

    Asr, i would like to read some of it…. care to go public sometime?

    Manu, 🙂

    Ideasmith, let me add that you would make a good interior decorator in that case!

  6. Thanks! But I like doses of delirium too…but I don’t think I can change my blogs tagline now can i?? 🙂

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