Posted by: Sreejith | September 5, 2007


Some more of the higher up the chain kind. *Read as not funny and irritating*


Manager to Analyst: Yeh rahe 5 tables, sab merge kar dena.

Analyst opens all the taps in the office and starts watering the office until everything is under water.

Manager to Analyst: Gadhe.. yeh kyun kiya?!

Analyst: Sir, ‘sub-merge’ kar raha tha!! 😛


Ok ok.. i apologize. Let me make amends.


There was this table with four legs. Over time, one of the legs suffered water, wind and other forms of erosion and depreciated in length. Obviously the table started wobbling. Question is how do we make this table not wobble?

Ans1) Take a marker and write ‘S’ on the table… that will make it S’table! 😛

Ans2) Take one or two toy horses and put them under the table. Again that would make it stable 😛


Whaat! i tried! One more try…


ASG: Should i run this code ‘overnight’?

Me: You could also Fed-Ex it 😛


Fine. I give up. I think i know this feeling.. rock bottom something.



  1. ^:)^ *Bow to thy PJ god”

  2. rofl !!!

  3. my-comment = your-post-title

  4. aaaaargh! … wanna wring your head 😈

  5. god !!

  6. stable can be describer as nothing, but brilliant! 😀

  7. i totally agree with maruthi’s comments ..
    coudn’t come up with some thing better..
    well, i am ready for some more of those PJ’s 😛

  8. I love PJ’s.
    And these of course are the best representatives.

  9. Maruti, hmm.. bow without arrow is useless 😀

    Sumanth, 😀

    Rama, yes! yes! yessss!

    Sangfroid, use gives wrings 😀

    Ankit, thats dog in reverse. i see the abuse 😀

    Kunal, thats the staple diet my friend!

    Arvind, well…these comments are full of em!

    Spunky, welcome welcome 🙂

  10. I am still in for soem more of them. 🙂

  11. LifeAndSuch, not to worry… there’s more in store!

  12. […] If you though i was bad at the poor jokes.. you must definitely sample Ankit’s(kaka to most of us). So Kaka and […]

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