Posted by: Sreejith | September 7, 2007

Am i making sense?

They say, artificially, we have managed to save the senses. Have we?

The taste – Walk into a restaurant and relive the magical taste you once savored.

The smell – Every smell you can imagine is a perfume you can buy off the shelf.

The sound – Every note of music or music of note is on a tape or a disc.

The sight – Every sight your eyes have ever laid upon is already captured as an image.

The touch – Have we? I don’t feel it yet.



  1. The touch – Have we? I don’t feel it yet.

    Steve Jobs cured it. Take a look at iPod Touch. 😛

  2. yep – exactly what i was going to say

  3. No.
    This is the answer to the question posed in the title…

  4. What ??

  5. Oh, touch was there already. They call it Marry James

  6. jane*

  7. What about all those money requests for ‘charitable causes’? Weren’t you touched? 😛

  8. Walked with ur girlfriend holding each others hand..
    u can feel the touch 😛

  9. Ruhi, i didn’t have a clue about the ipod touch! andyway i was trying to be philospohical.

    IV, read above.

    Kunal, a rhetoric no… i hope.

    Playboi, what’s this marry jane? *puzzled*

    AP, 😀 but wait…. this is a ‘no joke’ post. serious questions were asked!

    Arvind, hmm.. but can you buy that feeling when you want it? and that is precisely what i am asking!

    Utkarsh, a question is not the answer to a question! Now is my question making sense?

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