Posted by: Sreejith | September 9, 2007


Mahindra Resort at Coorg

And thats where i’ve been the last couple of days! Coorg seems a wonderful place to escape to, but with all the team activities planned out there was very little time left to see the place. Team building activities might help build the team but it sure does break the body!



  1. i hrd everyone there plays hockey … did u? 😛

  2. I think you would be soon competing with Chandu in terms of the trips undertaken 🙂

  3. Coorg is a fantastic place. Did you visit the Tibetan monastery? Or the Abbey Falls?

  4. hey, i had been to coorg when i was in college ( manipal)…10 of us rode to a place called madkara in 5 bikes and camped in the forest and the cemetry , ate pig and drank like pigs too..great place…did u know that coorgi women are supposedly the most beautiful in india? well, now u know…it has something to do with roman blood, but dont look too much, Coorgis also have the rite to carry guns…

  5. I’ve been to Coorg too. It’s fabulous. Did you go to the Buddhist monastery at bylacuppa? (‘m sure that isn’t the right spelling)

  6. Rama, thats the first time i heard of something like that. I did play american football.. that counts?

    Kunal, we can only hope to compete with chandu 🙂

    Spunky, its fantabulous 🙂 Abbey falls – no. Does passing right in front of the monastery count as yes?

    Tys, sure went around a lot back then! Coorgi women are really beautiful… even probably more beautful than the place!

    AP, No i couldn’t 😦 Was there on a company team building exercise. Very hectic it was.

  7. Bayalukuppe is the right spelling, but then most town names in Karnataka have been anglicized.
    Coorg, or Bangalore, for that matter.

  8. Spunky, ohh.. i didn’t know Coorg was anglicized!

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