Posted by: Sreejith | September 10, 2007


If you though i was bad at the poor jokes.. you must definitely sample Ankit’s(kaka to most of us). So Kaka and i had gone to check on Amal who seemed to be rather enjoying his stay at Apollo. He was in one of those platinum rooms which was a huge private room all to yourself.

Me: Oye, these rooms are really wow! Look at the huge LCD tv. Wait there is a comp with internet connection too!!
Amal: Yes its good but unfortunately all email sites are blocked for security reasons.
Me: What security reasons! Its a hospital for christs sake!
Kaka: Abe hospital hai… and email se virus aata hai na!!

As expected Amal kicked us out(who wouldn’t!) and so, inspite of all the warnings and 0/5 ratings it had generated, we decided to go see ‘RGV ki Aag’. We rushed to the PVR and to my utter amazement, tickets to the movie were available! In Bangalore, to get tickets to any movie on a Sunday night is nothing short of a miracle and to buy tickets to that movie is nothing short of sheer stupidity. But our intent was however to check out why it was so bad! Well as they say, you can never win with some people. It was also the first time that i had seen an empty theatre in Bangalore. There were hardly 20 people(losers?) in that theatre. It was so unbeliveable a scene that we actually clicked photographs for proof! On top of that Kaka was in a relentless mood with lines like “Aag dekhne ke baad, we should be using the ‘fire’ exit!

To cap it, the movie was so torrid that I slept through the entire second half. Well atleast i realized that my body’s reflex self defence mechanism sure does work!



  1. rofl

  2. kaka rocks!

  3. 😀 ..nice one loosers 😛

  4. rofl.. better than the in solvent pj!

  5. slip, ur pj’s rock !!

  6. LOL!!

  7. haha, you know, we should seriously consider forming a PJ brotherhood 🙂

  8. now that was a logical PJ .. kaka rocks! 😀
    sreejith, learn something from him 😛

  9. that really was much better than anything I have heard from you 😀
    or from kaka for that matter 🙂 ..
    and :@ .. you saw Aag without me .. screw you !!

  10. U guys actually went ahead with Aag … gutsy!! Thank God … I didn’t give in to Kaka’s invitation for the same 😀

    btw, i was no less disturbed after having watched ‘Disturbia’!!

  11. sleep is really precious, and we should be thankful to movies like aag, for providing us good sleep !!

  12. i hve to see this movie…just to see amitabh do the supposed mouth farts…hey, is rgv a mallu?

  13. I like your friend already. 🙂

    Y’kow, you could have spat and the fire would have died out. I mean, a lightning bug burns more brightly.

  14. Smr, yea.. that he does!

    Tipo, paying 200 rs for that movie would classify anyone as a loser 😦

    Spawn, comparing apples to oranges are we 😀

    Blah, hihi

    Well Heeled, thats a palindrome! 😛

    Manu, we have quite a few members already! and i must confess that i saw that movie even after your review 😦

    Kunal, hihihi.. learning in progress!

    Utkarsh, you would never have come… and on top of that we decided to see it hardly 1 hr before the show. bah…it sucked anyway!

    Sangfroid, you must go see Aag.. will get rid of insomnia 🙂

    Ankit, haha.. true. sleep is priceless!

    Tys, mouth farts!! :)) now thats a brilliant term.. very south parkish! btw RGV is telugu i believe.

    AP, ahhaah… in my defense i tried blowing! i wonder who treats fireflies? do they teach that in medical school? 😀

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