Posted by: Sreejith | September 11, 2007

Life’s a game

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. But then you learn to expect it. What pains is when all life does is to keep you waiting at the pitch. You keep expecting and expecting but the ball never comes….



  1. What ??

    PS -> Am I getting better than Rocky at one word comments ??

  2. some thing wrong with the ball? balls?

  3. how come life’s a game if you are still waiting for the ball :-S

  4. I totally understand what you are talking about … maybe the premise is different, but I am too waiting at the pitch …

    I’d repeat one of the comments you had posted on my blog long back – Please play till “Game-Over” flashes on your screen. 😛

  5. and then u realize that in this game u r the substitute 😉 or the umpire …hey, maybe this game is kabadi and there is no ball, except ur opponents…

  6. Utkarsh, shoo shoo!! *two words help 😀 *

    Playboi, bah….and more bah.

    Parry, i thought it was a game… now i am not sure.

    Kunal, thats a brilliant comment.. esp the quote part 😛

    Tys, ayyo! 😀 i hated kabaddi!

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