Posted by: Sreejith | September 12, 2007

20-20 = 0?

Bakra(in all earnest eagerness) : score kya hai?

Me(in a matter of fact tone) : abe ‘score‘ hamesha 20 hii hoga na!! 😛

And at that moment it dawned on me why the whole 20-20 charade was called so! 20-20 literally(even figuratively if you think about it) translates to score-score which is precisely what the ICC wants to tell the cricketers! And if you can’t score runs on the field you could try scoring off the field with the cheerleaders! Utkarsh lists more ideas here!

Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if they start calling the ODI matches ’50-50′?



  1. 😦 i didnt understand…i probably am the the only indian who does not follow cricket…

  2. what would they call Test matches? 450-450?

    and Jayaram would be trying hard to get his hands on your neck for linking to the wikipedia entry of 20 😛

  3. kunal …u actually clicked 20 ??? :rofl …

  4. Tys, its about the ICC 20-20 World Cup thats going on. you could not really call it cricket 😀

    Kunal, if India’a playing it would barely last 200 overs 😛

    Nipun, actually 5 people clicked on that link! i don’t think kunal clicked though 🙂

  5. if ODIs = 50-50, then ganguly dada has no qualms
    brittania biscuits – ting di di ding …

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