Posted by: Sreejith | September 14, 2007


Second to none, Bannerghatta Road is the worst road in Bangalore.

Not Hosur Road. Not the Viveknagar roads. Not even Airport Road! And this is considering the traffic too.

The last 2 evenings, it didn’t rain in Bangalore. It poured. And it poured like there was no tomorrow. Ofcourse tomorrow did come.. but again with more rain!! The result of all the rain was that everday around 9pm Bannerghatta Road metamorphosised into a sea. A sea that has devoured numerous small cars and an infinite number of autorickshaws. The water level at someplaces on this road ran so deep that it even came upto my hips and i am certainly no dwarf. I tried doing the parting of the Bannerghatta Sea but apparently i am no Moses either. So i had to turn my bike back and bow to the manmade fury. 

Commuting back home has been so adventurous an experience for the past 2 days that i’ve heard people boasting about the number of hours they had spent in the cabs to the point that its almost become a contest! Someone apparently did 4 hours in the cab and her home was just 3 kms from the office! And i thought i stood a chance of whining with 2.5 hrs 😦



  1. well..hosur rd is worse…vehicles were stuck on hosur for 3-4 hours this evenin…our driver thankfully took the baneghatta rd fm E city and we reached BTM in 1.5 hrs which is quite good….

  2. It’s been raining here too, but in manageale levels. Look on the bright side. You can now practice your scuba diving on the roads. 😉

    Yenyway, I took your tag. Yenjaai.

  3. Oh my god, you are right. Bannerghatta Road is the road equivalent of say, Ta Ra Rum Pum. Total disaster.
    Most of my relatives live in that area, and I am a constant peruser of that stupid excuse for a road. To think of it, the road has some of Bangalore’s best on offer – IIMB, the new Wockhardt with the Harvard tie-up, Apollo, Jalbhavan (which I think is a neat building) and nothing has made the BMP wake up and realise that the one thing that connects them all is pathetically under-equipped.

  4. he he .. Unni .. come back to Hyd.. here its slightly better..

  5. [contd from Rakesh’s comment]
    …but just slightly better.

  6. A’Mariner, I’ve heard horror stories about Hosur road too but 3 ft under water is something i’ve seen only on bannerghatta road 😦

    AP, scuba dying it shall be renamed then!

    S’Monkey, true, we shouldn’t crib too much or they might make it into a one way 😀 btw i like the JalBhavan too!

    Rocky, i’ve seen too much water logging on Hyd roads so don’t sell me that line 🙂

    Kunal, haan mein haan mila rahe ho? 😀

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