Posted by: Sreejith | September 15, 2007

Hungry Bangalore

I heard about a few months back so today i finally decided to check it out. And i was quite pleased with the entire experience. Hungry Bangalore is a site which allows someone like me to order food online! Yes, there are enough lazy bums like me out there for them to make a site for us. Now who would want to venture out in the sun/rain when they are hungry. And at most times your home delivery options are limited to the restaurants whose phone numbers you happened to have saved in your phone. Thats precisely why i liked hungrybangalore. They list out all the restaurants in a locality and allow searching by cuisine, location and many other nitty gritties.

The whole ordering process is rather efficient. Search and select the restaurant and then the menu pops up. The menu is well organized but the user interface here could have been a little better. Some ajax stuff would really help i guess. After you are done choosing the dishes, add them to the cart. You can select if you want it delivered as soon as possible which i think should be made the default option. Then fill out the email address and an email lands at your address listing out the order details. A few minutes and voila – hot piping food was at my door!

I also liked that one needn’t register with them to make the order. You could order as a guest which makes sense because when the stomach is growling any kind of registering is a definite turn off. I of course did register because i am sure i’ll be using it again. They also seem to be adding new restaurants all the time so it looks like people are actually using it.

Next time you are in the mood to try something new, you know what to do!



  1. it will be rather interesting to see if they do a delivery to sharjah, Uae…and if the food will still be hot ..hehe, (wicked grin to be imagined here..)

  2. I can do it too !! All you have to do is call an international number, pay a little more (so I can call back to India + a very modest service fee ) and voila … will have a pizza at your doorstep !!

  3. thanks sheejith for appreciating our efforts.. do let us know of your favorite restaurants that you would want to see on our website. hope you explore the other features like recipes, videos, health articles, map search etc and give us your feedbacks:)

  4. sun !!

    in the rain ..definitely ..try ice cream like in of those stupid movies 😛

  5. Hello Sreejith,
    Balu from Bangalore Mirror again….

    I didnt know such a site existed even.. hope you don’t mind us using this post for Bangalore Talking?
    Pls do let me know..(nt.balanarayan at

  6. so soon you’d be in the paper again… 🙂

    by the way know of any such site for Hyderabad?

  7. Have been using their service since I touched B’lore … Applaud-able effort!!

    The sad part though was that there weren’t a lot of eateries around the place i was staying but now that road-block is gone too 🙂

    btw, congrats for making it to Page-3 errr … some page yet again 😛

  8. Tys, oh yeah the food will be hot.. mostly because of the heat there 😀

    Tipo, oye its online.. not on the phone!

    Priyanka, thank you all for making the site!!

    Abbulu, ice cream in the rain is for the couples ra. Tea and hot snacks in the rain sounds better to me.

    Balu, yay yay…. please do so!

    Kunal, kya karein.. abb toh aadat ho gayi hai 😛 No idea about hyd.. and u guys should be telling me about this!!

    Sangfroid, yaar i heard it from you!!

  9. This is good but it would be better if you could also add some caterers who could supply tiffin boxes at our doorstep. I’m currently looking for one 🙂

  10. @supreetha..if u can drop in a mail with your phone no at, i would get back to you very soon.. we are coming up with a tiffin solution as well:)

    @Balu: Thanks for publishing in Bangalore Mirror.. that was great!! and ofcourse thanks to sreejith for writing that 😀

    @Kunal: no other site working on these lines. we should be there soon…

  11. @Sangfroid: I guess u order with ur real name because I could not find anyone with ur name in our database 😉 Thanks for using the service.. and hope u spread the word more 🙂

  12. Kunal – actually, Hyderabad does have a similar offering. Try out

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