Posted by: Sreejith | September 16, 2007


Jaya: me installing COD from cd

Me: COD?

Jaya: Call of Duty

Me: oh that game. Now COD means Certificate of Deposit. Its the American equivalent of a Fixed deposit.

Jaya: do i seem interested?

Me: yes…interest rates are also low 😛



  1. That’s an all time low.

  2. I think Sreejith can easily go lower 😛

  3. come on .. where’s the punch of your PJs ? u are loosing it 😦

  4. AP, hihihi 😀

    Kunal, i think she was cracking a pun on the low! vaise interest rates can go lower… a depression is expected in the financial markets.

    PKJ, apologies. jaya wanted me to use the conversation. He said blog about it… so here i am!

  5. Yes, I was.

    And Jaya’s a guy? :O

  6. AP, i knew you were 🙂 And not to be shocked… Jaya is Jayaram.. as in the mallu actor.

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