Posted by: Sreejith | September 17, 2007

Roadtrip: Hogenakkal Falls

So on a Sunday morning, five of us adventure junkies set out from Bangalore. Hogenakkal Falls, which were 180kms from Bangalore, was the destination this time around.

Getting to Hogenakkal is extremely simple. You need to hit the Hosur Road(NH-7) from Bangalore and keep going on it till you reach Dharmapuri. You will pass through Electronic City, Hosur and Krishnagiri on the way. Dharmapuri is around 150kms from Bangalore and the road is quite decent. Once you are at Dharmapuri, take the right at the first signal you encounter. There is a huge sign which says Hogenakkal so its really difficult to miss the turn. For a quick sanity check there is a railway crossing around 1-2kms after this turn. Hogenakkal is a further 30 kms from Dharmapuri. The road from Dharmapuri to Hogenakkal was what took us by surprise! We had done some research on the roads the earlier day and were expecting bad roads from Dharmapuri onwards. But the road is excellent all the way upto Hogenakkal and even upto the falls and it is really an effortless drive. They seemed to have been laid recently. The views of the valleys on the way are sights to behold and it being September, the entire stretch was green and verdant.

At Hogenakkal, you could hire a small round boat(coracle) to take you right to the mouth of the actual falls. After much haggling with the boatmen, we finally managed to hire one for a decent price. This was supposed to take us to the waterfall and back. The average charge for the coracle is 60-80 rupees for a person and then 100 rupees for every hour of waiting. If you are good at bargaining, you could get them to bring down the waiting charges.

On our way to the falls i saw one of the most extraordinary sights! In the middle of the Cauvery, a very enterprising guy in a coracle was selling chips and soft drinks!! Now thats simply the height of commercialism! All along the way, the coracle is pretty much at water level and the view of the sprawling Cauvery from it is really calming. But once it gets close to the actual falls, the Cauvery is not quite the same. Its like a monster roaring and thundering in heat and when its rumbling and tumbling down over the rocks it truly is a real breathtaking sight. Fortunately due to the rains, Cauvery was brimming and the falls were at its most spectacular.

At the top you could perch down on some rocks and you will have a truly splendid sight to behold. The horseshoe shaped falls to your left and the river ploughing its way through the narrow gorge on your right. The Cauvery might be just getting on with its life but just the view will make you slow down in your life.



  1. Put more pics… I just love hogenakkal… I remember having spent half a day at one of those secluded patches beyond the falls… with my IIMB gang.. just awesome..

    And did you also see that kid who jumps from that 30-40 ft high cliff and then comes asking for money 🙂 Pretty neat Indian answer to those diving championships, I tell you!

  2. One word : WOW.

  3. hey didn’t you go there long back? I remember you guys went to some trip where some guy was selling chips etc in a boat.. I think I saw the photographs taken by Utkarsh…
    was that another trip or you writing the account now?

  4. wt … 😡

    I wasn’t even asked 👿 office buddies or wht ?

  5. oye jala mat…. idhar log 2-3 mahine mein kahin ghumne jate hain .. tu to every weekend kahin na kahin ho ke aata hai…
    thoda to control kar .. kya puri india ghum lega 🙂

  6. just checked ur picasa .. u should have posted that pic of the man selling chips and cold drinks in the oracle ..looks beautiful 🙂

  7. this is some place which i always wanted to go..ever since that image of roja movie is etched in mind..will have to get down there next time..

  8. if i remember right, there used to be lot of ppl ready to give oil massage.

    so oil massage + 1 hr under the pounding water + loads of soft idlies = one great sleep.

    Tried that there?

  9. Amit, its a wonderful place. i didn’t see that kid… maybe he did make it to the diving championships! 🙂

    Tys, Nature

    Kunal, no we did this on this Sunday! You must be talking of the Sangam/Mekedatu trip… but there were no boatmen selling chips there.

    Sangfroid, preview show tickets…chalo i made it up na 🙂

    Rocky, unlike u i am not married my dear friend :)) and oracle mein kaam karke u can only think of it … its a coracle saale 😀 in Picasa, there is another album in the gallery which has all the pics…

    Matthew, You should go! and Roja was shot here!? i hope Roja didn’t die 😛

    Asr, yes!! but no one was interested in the oil massage… no change of clothes u see 😦

  10. You’re making me feel worse about skipping our first year trip to Ooty-Bangalore-Hogenakkal.

    Me hate you lots.

    Roja was not shot there, Chinna, Chinna and Aasai were.

  11. uhmm .. ehmm .. feeling very sheepish .. but … is there going to be another trip to the same place sometime ? 😀
    Pics looks awesome !!

  12. AP, not to worry.. the cauvery might flow but the falls are not going anywhere!! C C Aasai and M M Aasai were shot there na? … thats probably what they call ‘killing hope’ 😛

    Utkarsh, chup karr…sleepish not sheepish is the word for you. btw i even called u in the morning that day!

  13. Nice account of the trip. I was also amazed by the coracle-shop. An amazing sight indeed. Another sight is worth remembering – kids jumping from cliffs into Cauvery.

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