Posted by: Sreejith | September 18, 2007

When September comes…

Back when I was in college, not too long ago, September was one of the most eagerly awaited months. Not because there were no exams around then but because of the slew of birthdays that were unleashed in this month. Much of the activity on campus was because of the birthday cakes, the midnight bumps sessions and the birthday parties which followed. Especially the week from 16th to 23rd was the peak. We had Abhinav, Avinash, Amal, KG, KBJ, Piyush, yours truly and some more folks who were mostly found hiding in the bathrooms around this time. And all this was only to avoid the dreaded bumps! Of course after the first few years we did realize that the safest place to hide was not the bathroom but the library!

Now in a hostel the most feared word was bumps. You come first in the test – you get bumps! You manage to get 39.5 when the pass mark is 40 – you get bumps! Its your birthday – you get bumps! You are the most enthusiastic while giving bumps – you get bumps! You don’t show any enthusiasm in giving bumps – you get bumps! You have never got bumps – you get bumps! You are KG – you get bumps 😀 Basically you can run from bumps but you can never outrun it.

Anyway this post and all the wonderful memories were triggered by my roomie’s birthday which is today! So here you go Karteek…happy birthday to you and to all those friends who are incrementing the counter this week.



  1. Good one. Add some more, when ur the CR, u get bumps. When u ask a doubt in a boring class, especially when the class is about 2 end, u get bumps. When u do an assignment which ever1 copies from u, u get bumps……

  2. u expressed ur feelings about a girl.. u got bumps …
    on the way to library she smiled on you (rare).. u got bumps…
    in freshers party.. u danced along her(very rare).. u got a bumps
    u took her for a dinner (very very rare situation).. u got bumps…

  3. oh my god! i so remember this shit..luckily mine used to fall during the winter hols and so used to be on the way home whn my birthday fell…moreover I was too heavy to be lifted 23 times…so, u hve ur solution….go and eat tht cake….

  4. dude invariably you were better off… you only got the chappal treatment, considering your weight… none of us wanted our backs broken by lifting you 🙂
    and in case I forget to call you on Saturday (see no office, no internet, no way to see the reminder from Google Calendar), I am wishing you right now – Happy Birthday dude …

    and pass some bumps to KBJ on my behalf 🙂 and ask him to kick you 2 nights later too 😛

  5. Brings back some very nice memories 🙂
    most of them 2 years back when someone was on his stomach and had three people sitting on his back with chappals in their hands .. Wish we had clicked that 😀 .. didn’t tanny get the same treatment in first year of college ? 😛

  6. Ha ha.. 🙂
    1 more, when u get placed u got bumps..

    I have got a loads of them..
    Taking me back to those days..

  7. Looks like I’m the only who has no memories of bumps. I know a guy who has a permanent back problems (some disc thing, he refused to elaborate, making me think it’s not just the disc).

    Well-well. Saturday, huh?
    *wicked grin*

    (My exams are over. Woohoo! I say this to anyone who will listen. Fun and frolic for *sigh* 2 days.)

  8. Karan, ahhaha…now thats so incredibly true too!!

    Rocky, hmm hmmmmm hmmmmmm….. wondering who the ‘u’ there refers to ;))

    Tys, i’ve heard and even seen bumps on the trains in cases like yours :))

    Kunal, i was definitely a lot better off! And thanks dude 🙂

    Utkarsh, I couldn’t sleep on my back for 2 nights after that session 😦 damn you, Jaya & AU. Rot in hell all three of you!

    Vignesh, yes..placement season definitely was the peak! and very glad to see you around 🙂

    AP, be happy. be very happy! btw if god forbid you fail i am not to be blamed becuase you were writing funny comments on my blog everyday instead of studying!

  9. very very late *Di gives guilty-but-innocent-look* but Happppppy Birthday!! and wish me back tomo.. 🙂

  10. DI, ?? not late at all! you are here on the right day! 🙂

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