Posted by: Sreejith | September 19, 2007

The title matters!

After years and years of listening to RHCP’s Californication, it was a moment of shock when the genius of the title dawned on me today!


And the song was full of references to sex! How in hell did it not strike me till now! All of a sudden i have new found respect for RHCP.

So what’s the most ingenious title you have ever come across?



  1. and how would you relate the cali before the ‘genius in the title’ ? 🙂

  2. Can’t recall any song name as such, but i think that the lyrics of Hotel California are a piece of genius.
    Btw, congrats on this observation sir, I’m completely blown away by it!

  3. You didn’t know? You didn’t _know_? Hell, _I_ knew. Li’l ol’ me. Woohoo!
    “A teenage bride with a baby inside/Getting high on information” Come in for a hearing test sometime. 😉

    Remember Extreme – More than words? The album’s called Pornograffiti. 😀

  4. How the &%#$ do I get some italics in here?

  5. nope..nothing cums to mind…but ‘ yellow submarine’ always sounded a lil shady to me…must be my dirty mind

  6. “First born unicorn , hardcore soft p*** ” THese words say it all .

    RHCP rox !!

  7. I never realized it till I read this even after listening to the song for past so many years…
    goes to show Ignorance is bliss 😛

  8. Okay, that was far too simple to be missed.
    Another one that comes to mind is A Clockwork Orange. Most people would think of that as having no other meaning besides the random title giving that some writers are into, but this has some thought gone into it. No, nothing pornographic or fornicatory(?).
    Burgess had worked in the Indonesia-Malaysia regions. When he wrote the novel he wanted the title to depict the mechanical models that human beings have become; hence the clockwork. The Orange bit is from the Orang- which in Malay means ‘human’, from where we also get the orang-utan, the ape that is closest to humans, in terms of intelligence.
    Hadn’t struck me till long; until I happened to read about it much later. I thought that was interesting.

  9. Bharat, California!? I didn’t really get your point though.

    Aniket, there will always be daylight between Hotel California and anything RHCP could ever conjure. And please avoid the sir 🙂

    AP, You sing too? If you have a band and all i am coming!! btw pornograffiti was rather obvious and californication too seems rather obvious.. now that i’ve seen it 😀

    no html allowed in comments 😦 don’t worry i get every obscure ‘pun’ you make… the special effects are not really needed 🙂

    Tys, awww man… u ruined a perfectly good song for me!! now all i can think of is shit 😦

    Maruti, they do!! but there are always better songs and waay better lyrics out there 🙂

    Kunal, that was my reaction as well! How did we miss that!

    S’Monkey, thanks for sharing that! i have an annoying habit of reading the trivia sections on imdb of all my favourite movies.. haven’t read the book but clockwork orange is certainly one of my favourite movies 🙂

  10. well…there s a VHI special on RHCP goin on now…and m reading this post..coincidence…u bet..!!…well thrs anothr song..dani california by rhcp…wonder y they have a liking for california !!

  11. A’Mariner, aaha.. and lots of bands have this California thing. I guess its all because of Hollywood.

  12. Bright spark! hee hee

  13. Tia, bah!

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